Friday, December 16, 2011

Reviews : The Flynn Brother Trilogy - Deadly Night

okee.. at first i thought since i was lazy to write, i just gonna write reviews about all the novels and books that i have. but since i forgot most of them, i decided to read them all one by one each day and wrote the review. but i was lazy to do it.. sooo... i'm just gonna review the new book that i buy. this is another trilogy. i decided to buy them all at once. so i have to read them all and finish them as soon as possible.

the bad thing about the edition is that there was no information about which book is the first or second or last. so i had to guess by reading the review behind it. i know birth order didn't mean that the story about the firstborn is the first one, but turned out it was right. so i'm glad that i read from the beginning.. hahaaa... (i once bought a book that turned out to be a trilogy, and i bought the second one! i had to borrow to read the rest of the trilogy and did some guessing since i didn't know the beginning)

the flynn brothers are aidan, jeremy and zachary. aidan is a private investigator and FBI agent - used to be. the brothers inherited a haunted house, complete with the stables and mortuary inside the land from their long lost aunt that died recently. according to the urban story there, their house is haunted by the ghost from the past. around the civil war, there was this pretty lady that secretly being married to a federation soldier. but since it was war, they hide the fact that she was married. one day, there was a cruel enemy soldier that tried to rape and murder the lady, just in time when her husband arrived. too bad though. his cousin, which was the enemy soldier, arrived at the scene and shot him without knowing that he shot his own cousin. the lady jumped from the balcony and died, leaving her son to live alone. and so the story began.

when the brothers searching the house, they found two human bones. and so since they were distracted by the ghost story and part of them wanted to proof that it was wrong, they decided to do some investigation. turned out there were couple of girls missing from that town but at different time. since they were ex-FBI and ex-cop, they forced and begged their old friends to help them out.

there was this pretty young lady, kendall, who was treated their aunt as her own until the day she died. at first the brothers thought her as an enemy, but then, together they investigated it and found out more mysteries. aidan, without knowing it, fallen in love to kendall. but danger was around them. as a serial killer was loose in the area. angry since his crime are started to be known as the investigation going on. and he decided to stop them.

this is a romantic suspense plus some mystical novel, since there were ghosts and stuff. but since i am bad with names, i often confuse with the characters in the book. too many people to remember. but at then, the right is always win. that's important. and so they live happily ever after too. not bad for a reading to kill leisure time. and it was confusing enough so i can't guess which one is the killer. or it because of my memory lack to remember the character? i don't know.. you decided it yourself.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what's left for this month

OMG... it's been a month already and i haven't written anything! is my life getting boring or is it me who's become lazier to write? i don't know.. somehow i felt nothing to tell. no interesting stories to write. or perhaps i have already had ears to listen to my stories everyday.. hahaa.. (mekso maksude.. kudu mau diceritai..ehhee.)

let's see.... what's left for this month? all i know.. 2 months in a row, since our wedding, we have received so many wedding invitation. people are rushing to be married, especially this last week. no matter what day it is, don't care whether it's monday or tuesday, or even freaking friday.. people are getting married everyday!! crazy enough.. even on the 11-11-11 KUA had to refuse some couple. hahaa.. i remembered 9-9-09 and 10-10-10 are not as crazy as 11-11-11. fiuhh... luckily we didn't get any invitation on that date. but on the next day, i had 3 invitations.. unfortunately (or fortunately? since i had no idea which one to go?) i had to work.. so no wedding party.. and my best friend's also getting married the next week.. on 19.11.11. hehee.. pretty amazing.. we were best friend since elementary school, and she had crush here and there while i focused on my study. she forced me and introduced me to this guy (whom later become my husband) while we (me and my future husband) ignored her. but then as i started to know my future husband and started to court him, she also started to have a serious relationship with her future husband!

our engagement and wedding were close.. our wedding only a month apart! hahaha.. talking about destiny. weekekke.. let's see if our destiny really amazing.. only one other thing to wait.. hahaha.. and talking about jobs.. hiks.. my job at clinic is getting better. the patient are not as few as couple months before. but one thing for sure.. those working accidents..falling accidents and stuff still keep coming to me. i had to stitch them up with whatever available at the clinic. i always wonder why people keep coming there for first aid even though they knew that hospital were the best option to go for accidents like that. we do have limitation for what we can do at clinic. and they seems ignoring it. blah.. sometimes i wonder, do this clinic really in surabaya? since i felt like there's no different in my story to my friend' at somewhere out there across the sea in other island.

#1 me: kenapa ini pak? (ada sepeda motor, bonceng 3.. yg tengah kelihatan tdk sadar, yg duduk paling belakang megang kaos berlumuran darah dari kepala yg tengah)
pengantar: jatuh ini bu..
me: jatuh dari mana?
pengantar : plafon 3 m
me: *usir* ke RS langsung ajaaa....
pengantar : tolong la bu.. ditolong pertama di sini dulu ajaa...
me: *pasrah* ya udah bawa masuk.
kondisi px delirium.. jelas ada COR karena px tdk sadar, ada muntah, dan skrg aja belon sadar penuh. pas itu px duduk.. keliatan ada fraktur clavicula. hebatnya, para pengantar itu udah aku bilangin untuk ke RS buat CT scan kepala.. tp mereka malah lbh concern ke patah tulang krn itu yg lbh keliatan *capedeee..*

#2 me: kenapa pak? (px jalan tertatih2.. berlumuran darah)
pengantar: ini abis kena mesin circle keramik bu..
me: *not again??* ya udah, masuk dulu, biar saja bersihkan..
alhasil.. jahit menjahit dehhhh... parahnya lagi, pas kontrol 10 hr kmdn, itu orang datang dg kondisi tanpa perban. jadi jahitannya keliatan telanjang mata gituuu.. ya ampun, pdhl kan kerjaane tukang bangunan, banyak debu dan kotoran.. *capede* bagoss.. jahitane jg ga nyambung pula. sipppp...

#3 me: kenapa pak?
pengantar: kena lempeng besi bu..
me: kerja di bangunan? *maneeehhh*
pengantar: iya
me: yaa.. kalo dijahit sih bisa pak, tp ini nanti butuh suntik ATS. lha di sini ga ada, jadi nanti saya bawain pengantar, sampeyan kudu nganter ke RS lagi..
*krik..krik..krik..krik* nah lo.. makanyaaa,, laen kali lgsg aja bawa RS kenapa?

tp ada mandor yg bilang gini "soalnya saya tanya teman2, dikasih info di sini ada klinik." lha trus? moso ya rujukan terbaik ke klinik? kudune ke RS langsung ya toooo... plis deh..

ya gak papa lah.. itung2 supaya tmb laris klinik gerejae.. heehe.. duit jg melimpah.. wahahhaa.. *maruk* (balada tongpes abis tur) semogaaa bulan ini jg laris manis... mengingat end of the year is getting near...

Friday, October 28, 2011

europe saver.. here we come!!

finally! it's our official honeymoon. hahaha.. thank God i found this tour. though it was departed from jakarta, it was worth it. since it's low season, no tour departed from surabaya. and we, me mostly, were desperate finding a tour in october, so when we found out about this one, we just took it. and so here we gooo...

#day 1 : arrived at jakarta and flight to abu dhabi
oh my gosh.. it's a long flight and we arrived in the middle of the night. we were starving and the only open restaurant were BK. so, we ate BK and we found out that our connecting flight to milan was delayed for 3 hours. damn... we assumed some from the agenda will be removed since we lost 3 hours. yaikss.. not too good for first day...

#day 2: arrived at milan finally..
after a long and tiring night.. gotta sleep at the airport since it would be morning in milan, and as compensation for the delay, we got a food voucher which only available at BK, upper crust and yumcha, but since it was 2 AM in the morning, we only had few options, sooo... croissant at upper crust was our breakfast.. the bad news since we got delayed, they cancelled the visit to san siro..noooo... but we still got to visit the cathedral and a little time to shop. the cathedral there were amazing! there were carvings and paintings everywhere. very amazing.. even they got carvings at the gate. it was made from iron! unbelievable.. and then we were heading to swiss to spend the night.

#day 3: ski resort
today's agenda was going to the top of alpen mountain which is the jungfraujoch mountain. people called it top of europe. we were warned not to be super excited, not to wandering around too much so we caught our breath. since it would be thousands feet above sea level, the oxygen level would be decreasing, so we had to save our breath. we rode the train to the top. it was amazing. the view.. were so breathtaking. the green grass, the trees and the houses.. even the snow on the grass. and as we were approaching the top, we could see the snow were covering the tops. it was white and clean and shiny. once we were on the top, all i could see was snow everywhere. contrasting to the clear blue sky. even though it was minus 5 degrees, it was okay since there were no wind. my husband said i was lucky it was a sunny day.. when he were in mount titlis, there were  snowfalls so he couldn't see much. too bad we couldn't do the dog riding sleigh. and we couldn't play ski either. but it was fun. we played at the ice palace and then headed down to interlaken by another train. on our way down, we could see a waterfall. it was amazing. liked in the movies. at the interlaken we just ate dinner and shopping again.

#day 4: on the bus..
today we were going to paris. but had lunch stop first at dijon. since everyone were excited for paris, the tour leader made the stop really quick. just for lunch and then went straight to paris. no city tour. and no escargot dining, since only 2 people in the bus who were curious for eating it, so we decided to eat chinese food again. hahaha.. we were craving for rice!! during our walk to the restaurant (the driver kinda gave us the wrong direction, so we kinda walked around the block like some duck group missing its leader.. ) i saw a pastry shop. they looked really good...yeah, i do have sweet tooth. so, to ease my cravings, after lunch we stopped by at the shop and bought few pastries. turned out it was soooo... delicious.. yummy.. pricey though. but it's worth the money.. and when we arrived at our hotel, it turned out to be a cool one. free wifi at the lobby, magical decorations, beautiful lake behind it, and also it was near to disneyland! yay... but too bad it already late so we cancelled our getaway to paris and saved it for tomorrow.

#day 5: just like a parisian
today we separated from the group. our mission today was exploring paris like a true parisian. first stop was disneyland park. since we only had short time, we decided just one park. disneyland was awesome. though i couldn't ride some attractions.. (he had no intention to accompany me playing roller coaster and stuff. i had to play by myself, which is no fun at all.. aisshh..) but we rode most of the safe attractions. too bad the parade hasn't started yet. and as we were about to exit, there was a disney villain show.. we didn't stop to watch it until the end since the clock is ticking. another bad news was no fireworks in autumn. *sob2..
we joined the group again for lunch only. we hurried since we were already late, but we had to be patience since we couldn't force the metro to go faster. haha.. but it turned out that we were on time. the traffic was pretty heavy, so the bus was arriving late.
next stop was the hop on-hop off bus. we chose the l'open tour paris bus. it had open deck so we could take picture more freely. we chose the green route which included several famous sites such as grand palace, concorde, madeline, and louvre, which was actually our next destination. louvre was hugee... and i'm pretty sure if i wanted to look at all the stuff there, a day wouldn't be enough. so we just skipped all the stuff there and just went straight to the famous stuff, such as milo and monalisa. hahaha... pretty bad tourists. wkwkww.. but we were running out of time. if only i could go there once again.. *sigh*
and then since he wanted to show me eiffel at night, he insisted to find the port for canal cruise. we had to walk from notre dame (since i had to go to there...i never went there..) back to the port neuf.  finally we found it, but the boat's already sailed. we decided to ride the next one, it was 6 pm, but the sky was still clear.. oh noo.. we forgot that night came later in europe. hiks. so the light on eiffel just lit after we were docked back at the port. sighhh... too baddd...
actually, since everybody said in paris everything were cheaper, we planned to spend the night shopping. but we were starving and i haven't been photographed in front of the arc the triomphe, so... we rode the metro once again.. long journey to champ-elysee and walked and walked and walked.. until we found McD to eat. haiss.. and after we ate, it was already late. so we decided to skip the shopping and go home, hoping that it won't be that expensive in the next city. and sooo... that's how we ended the day.. running to catch the bus back to the hotel with eyes half closed.

#day 6: on the road again
bye-bye paris... we going on the road again.. headed for amsterdam with quick stop at brussels. lunch at chinese again and then city tour and shopping. there was this statue of a peeing kid. i wondered why they made it into tourist's interest. turned out the story was, back in world war 2, when the enemy tried to bomb belgium, this kid peed on the bomb, so the plan was falling apart. the kid save the country. hahaha.. is that story even true? and then as we were gathering around at the city center, there were this sudden crowd. a lot of guys dancing and singing across the yard, wearing tux and bringing beer and flowers. we assumed they were getting a marriage registration, but we were wondering where the bride was. some guessed they were gay. and our tour leader also said like that. so i guessed they were right. after that we headed to amsterdam.
the hotel was even better. free wifi everywhere. more complete toilletries.. hahaa.. i guessed that's why we loved being colonized by them. they provided everything. hahaha..

#day 7: windmill. cheese. clog.
first agenda for today were being photographed in front of the windmill, which holland was famous for. and then went to cheese and clog factory. after that we headed to volendam. took picture in traditional local clothing and then ate their famous fish and chips. then we were back to amsterdam for canal cruise. but since there was a demonstration along the way to the port, the bus kinda stucked there and couldn't move. so our local guide decided to go on a walk. through the red light district. hahahaa... since we were going on shortcut, apparently we had to go through that district. wakakkaa.. the first girl that we saw was a he-she.. wakkaka..
the canal cruise turned out to be a big disappointment. the canals were not so clean anymore and there were no exquisite building along the canal borders, unlike paris. we stopped by at jewel factory.. another agenda in every tour to rip our money.. hahaha.. and the last and best part for the day was having indonesian food for dinner.

#day 8: ouch.. eau de cologne city
today we were on the road again, to frankfurt with a stop at cologne, the city origin of eau de cologne. we started this trip with excitement, since our tour leader said she would give us 4 hours to shop. since i had to find shoes for dad, i was excited also. at cologne, we ate chinese again.. (it's cheaper than swiss) and then headed to the dome, the famous church there. it was huge and magnificent like the one in milan. but unfortunately, there was a demonstration outside the church. it was a huge commotion, even the number of police guarding there were increasing as the mass were getting bigger in number also. then we walked around the shopping center. we were wondering, why all the shops were closed. but at first we thought since it was lunch time, probably they would open again after lunch time was over. but then every single shops were closed, the only opened shops were the souvenirs shops and cafes. then my husband suddenly remembered, it was sunday.. and all shops closed at sundays.. hikkss.. so i was standing there, outside the shops, looking at the shoes that we were supposed to buy for my dad. i was so clooosseee ... aiyaaa... *crying out loud* there were another shops opened at the central station near there, but no shoes shop. so when we were back at the bus, as an apology from the tour leader, she gave us a small sample bottle of the famous eau de cologne, no 4711. after that we headed to frankfurt with heavy heart. today was our last day there...

#day 9: auf wiedersehen...
today we headed back to indonesia, with a long stop at abu dhabi. 7 hours. sigh... after breakfast everyone were busy packing stuff.. then we headed to frankfurt airport. at the airport no shoes shop again. *sigh* but i found longchamp.. (since we didn't have time to shop in paris). we were hoping that they will delay us at frankfurt to lessen the waiting time at abu dhabi, but our wish were not granted. the plane arrived on time and we spent the night on the plane

#day 10: jet lag
we arrived at abu dhabi, got something to eat and then looked around for a place to sleep. we had to sleep since it was night in jakarta. so if we didn't want jet lag, we had to sleep so when we arrived we were wide awake. we could sleep for one or two hours, but the AC were not favoring us to sleep also. it was chilly cold so we decided to get up and looked around for information, whether our flight got delayed again or not. turned out the flight was on time. so at 5 am, we were boarded to plane and back to jakarta. hiks.. i wanted my vacation.. mooorreee..
since we were from surabaya, we had to wait again for the plane to be back to surabaya. long and tiring journey back home. but at 8 pm, we were arrived at surabaya safe and sound. and tired. and ready to sleep. it was fun.. though there were troubles and misfortunes.. but overall, it was fun. i wish i could have the time and money to be back there once again.. swiss and paris particularly..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

a wrap of last month

in a blink of an eye, i've become someone's wife. yep, i'm already married! thank God everything went fine. from the church and the ceremony to the party. everything was marvelous. everybody kept talking about it until today. even some people want to copy ours. hahaha...and talking about my wedding, this wedding isn't any wedding, since i'm a pastor's daughter and my mom in laws has a lot of acquitances, sooo.. the number of the wedding guests are a lot. thank God our EO are marvelous. though there were frictions here and there, but we survived though. they were professional. it's worth the money. for sure. oh.. and by the way, our EO is MAJESTIC.

well, for those who can't come to our wedding, here's the details...

my morning started at 3 am. yep.. gotta woke up early and headed to the salon, HOUSE OF LEA. unfortunately, some misfortune happened. the guy who supposed to pick me up were late because of a flat tire. he were late 30 minutes, but since our schedule included those little misfortune like that, so it didn't disturb our time schedule. but at the salon, another misfortune happened again. there were blackout right exactly after i 've arrived. but it didn't last long. thankfully.. hahaa.. and then i get my face and hair done. here the funny parts. since we were agreed to do a western style, we weren't supposed to see each other until at the church, but i think our "followers" were a little bit behind, so when i was down the stair, there he was.. at the bottom of the stair. hahhaa.. but luckily, i haven't changed my clothes, so he just saw my hair and make up done.

after a chaos in the salon, we were back to the hotel to take pictures and record for the morning clip. i felt stupid though. we were acting this and that for a few minutes, no script. and that's why i felt stupid. we had to look like we were having conversations while smiling all the time. it's kinda difficult, and they often reminded us to smile again and again. hahaa.. thank God, our photographer had a lot of ideas to crack a laugh from us. by the way, his name is JONAS from RECORDANCE. and after shots are taken and video are recorded, we were headed to church. thankfully, we chose an alphard, it's big enough so it didn't squeeze my gown too much.

since the bride team arrived earlier than the groom team, we had to wait until all the groom team arrived. some people have arrived though and curious enough to see us. i think i had the most photographers on site, since many volunteered to take pictures as gift instead of money or things. feels like a celebrity for the day. hahaha.. and so the ceremony began. since we only practiced the entrance for couple times, everyone were nervous that something would go south. thankfully, despite a few mistakes in the name calling, the entrace were okay. after the usual thing, we headed to the stage for holy communion. since i refused to have like what ko guan had before, so om an just called a few people to say one or two words as advise for us. but then at the holy communion, since my dad's guest mostly pastors, so om an called every pastors in the room to join us in the holy communion. you might imagine, how crowded the stage were. all i could see was black suit all around. hahaha.. felt like band of brothers. the funny part is, after all is over, om handono told us that one of the congregation member told him that he wanted a ceremony like us. but he replied that this was a special occasion, hahahaa... too bad for him..

after the ceremony, we had a lot of agenda. started from the marriage registration, photo taking, cinciu and stuff. luckily we could eat. but we couldn't meet every one who came to our party at the church. and then we had photo session at the majapahit hotel, as compliment from GRAND CITY, our afternoon party venue. i've already exhausted since my gown, even though it's lighter than other gown, but still, it's pretty heavy. and my heels.. my feet were started to killing me. but i had to endure, one down, one more to go. so we headed back to the grand city and waited for the wedding dance rehearsal and the touch up.

we both were nervous since we only practiced once and then we practiced once more ourselves. and there was the marlupi great mother, hahaha.. she scolded me for not being gentle and flowy and confidence. hehehe.. but her advice was right. she's the expert after all. and then, the party began. we were to exhausted and nervous so we just let it be. let the EO to take care it all. we just followed their direction. several comments were nice. they liked the orchestra, DAVID ALL STARS really good. their first song especially. my head couldn't stop nodding following the rhythm. some like RBYKA and her angel tattoo on her back. the star of the night probably FRANS SISIR. most of the pastors like him. even though no bad comments, but no appraisal for IKA PUTRI either. The MC were polite as we requested, but not too boring. we really thank INDRA HERLAMBANG and OPIE for doing it accordingly our requests. and the cute kids from MARLUPI.

talking about the kids, i was pretty amazed by them. there was a misunderstanding about our wedding dance, but the kids were so good. after a few directions, they could dance the new formation quickly. and talking about the video, once the morning clip was played, no one kept eating. everyone was watching the video. even us. hahaha.. pretty amazing what PRESTIGE did though. i had goose bumps watching it. heehee.. it really worth the money. ohh.. and i forgot to mention the amazing decorations from STEVE DECOR. some of my friends told me it was amazing. and not to mention the additional effect of lighting and sound from LASIKA and effect works from FANTASYWORK. and not forgetting TOSCA USHERETTES for guiding our guests to their table. i heard no complaint about them, so i guess they've done a great work. oh, and about the cake, i always said that i didn't want the usual spiku cake, which is yellow and chocolate cake, so when we had to fed each other, one got the yellow one, and the other got the chocolate one. since we're both like chocolate, i always joked that our wedding cake had to be a all chocolate one, so we won't quarrel about it on stage. thankfully, ANGIE's CAKE arranged it to be chocolate cake! without me asking them. hahaha..

about after party, the most wanted things are our souvenirs, which is a animal figurine night lamp. there were 5 kinds of them, so people could choose if there were still available stocks. the animals are cute.. too bad since there were many guests, there were none left for me T.T even we had to give the sample we had before the final product. aiyaaa.. i guess LIGHTCRAFT's work are pretty good.

once again, i thank every one that's involved in my wedding preparation and D-day.. thank you for your help. and i'm sorry i couldn't thank each and every one of you in person. we really appreciate all you hard works. God bless you all.. thank you for making our dreams come true.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

fairy godmother, give me a dress ..

last couple weeks, i was struggling to find the right wedding dress for me. last month, we've tried several dresses, and i was interested in this mermaid gown. but unfortunately, there were another couple that also interested in that dress. so since they chose it first, i have to wait for them to decide whether or not they'll take the dress. and the marketing assistant who helped me to choose my gown told me that there was another dress for me to try, but i have to wait since they were preparing it for shipping to Jakarta. and it was it. i have to wait until 2 weeks ago. since i have to wait, i asked around how to pick the right gown.

personally, i don't like those big gown and full of bling2 stuff, but if i chose too simple gown, my mother in law will be pissed since she wanted it to be awesome, since i have this huge hall where the party is held. but i wouldn't decline a wonderful dress if it makes me looks amazing. so i started asking questions. some vote for the mermaid dress, some vote for another dress. but couple of my dearest friend suggested me to try for another gown. try as many as i can.. but unfortunately, i'm the kind of person that's difficult to make a choice if there were many options to go.

so, since the assistant thought that i could try more, i postponed my decision and decided to wait and try some more. i asked here and there for advice and put it into mind. this is once in a lifetime choice, so i don't want to just listen to what everybody's saying, but i also don't want to push my ego and not listening to what tothers' saying. and most importantly, i begged God to give me the proper dress and the right one in the right time.

so here i am.. two weeks ago i tried some more, and although my heart's still favor that mermaid dress, i also like the dress that i have to wait from jakarta. i turned out to be a A-line ballgown one, but enough bling2 on the body part but just scattered pieces here and there on the dress. it fit me perfectly and it went well with the bolero that i tried. so since it's pretty time limit, we decided to go for the second dress. this one is all in one dress. it's a big ballgown and has enough bling that my mother in law fond of, but also a light dress that i fond of. my mom and my sisters think it's great, and my best friend couldn't agree more.

so for those in misery, here are my few tips:
1. try some types of gown first, the a-line, ballgown, mermaid, and decide which one complement your body type. try some different fabric too.. since you have to adjust the weight. tulle is lighter than sateen. so try which one you can bear since you have to wear it all day long. and asked the expert which one that complement you, since they are the expert, what they say are probably true. which color to go is also important since you have to synchronize it with the decoration and the theme of your party.
2. try some more and take pictures. ask advice and comments from your dearest one! your husband might be clueless about fashion, but males has some sense too when it comes to our appearance. they can help you choose since he can see which one that make you shine! and don't forget about your family and friends. just sample some of your closest friend and ask their opinion.
3. put into consideration where your party will be held. although i like simple dress, but since i have a huge ballroom for my party, it's a big no-no for no train dress since people might having difficulty to spot you in that huge room. if you're having an outdoor party, a simple one is the best option for you.
4. don't just think that you have to be shiny.. those tiny jewels and crystals sewed into the gown will increased the gown's weight. and it's killing me! that's why i don't like too much bling2.
5. if you wanted to wear a bolero, try it also when you try your dress. some neckline don't complement with bolero. so be careful!
so....happy playing gown girls! believe me, although it's stressing, but i do like trying different gowns. although i am clueless at first, but trying more and more make me know which one that i like and which one that i resent. i like the feeling of being a princess for one day. and put into your mind, whatever gown you choose, you will be a rockstar on that day!

Friday, August 12, 2011

untold stories

twitter really makes me lazy to write. i can't believe i haven't written about the last baksos i had. social charity like that almost always crush my heart as i know there are so many people in need but they don't have the money to get the medical care they needed. it's so sad.. and i stumble upon this old man. he was coming alone, with his eyes already deteriorating. but he still could walk slowly and steady. he complained about the itch on his back which he's had it for almost years. when i pulled up his shirt and looked at his back, i was confused. his back is covered with crust and i don't know what the hell it was. it seems like it had been going on several stages. forming vesicles and then burst and dried up, and it was forming vesicles again. and it happened again and again. as if like he's having a pile of roof on his back. pretty scary, and i have no idea what he's having. and neither valen nor andre, whom sitting next to me at the baksos. the only suggestion was giving him something to ease the itch and have him back to the puskesmas and get the referral to RSUDS.

if only i had the information to know what he's having.. and if only i knew the cure. the worst part is, when i suggested him to go to the puskesmas, he told me that he had no one to accompany him anywhere. i have no idea how he could be there. *sigh* this is the irony of this country. people could live in splurge while other live in suffering. hmmpphhh..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

politics here and there

huff..pretty hectic month.. gotta finish the invitation list, gotta choose the wedding gown..and so much more. but the most annoying part is my PTT troubles. the head of the organization turned out to be a "not so kind" person. he's trying to be nice and holy, but the fact is people get pissed by him. and the fact is, i'm kinda pessimist that he'll sign my letters. it's been in his hand for almost a month and no news. pretty disappointing. what kind of support if he's reluctant to sign the papers right away? puff... too much politics around the clinics. the working climate is not conducive anymore. i've decided if he didn't sign it, then heck with it. i'm better off without it. if He allows me to be a resident, then He'll show the way to make me one.

the more exciting part is choosing a honeymoon destination. so far i couldn't change Bali from his mind, but we keep another option open. what do you guys think? Manado or New Zealand? hmm.. in other hand i would love to experience diving.. but in other hand, New Zealand pretty attractive.. the scenery.. hopefully it's peaceful and has nice weather.. ,not like here. humpfff... let's see how much it will cost.. so, good luck for all of us. the clock is ticking. two months from now people...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

counting the days

just today it slipped my mind
we're all laughing and talking, keep on drinking and eating
talking about the past, talking about today, talking about the future we should have someday
talking about our dreams, about our expectations
with no worries, with no hesitation
we seems fighting the time, refusing to age
but then time do flies
yesterday, we might be a little kid
and then without even realize it, we've graduated from college and started to live as an adult
and now, as life cycle, we started to make family ourselves

we met new guy, we date, we broke off
we started a new relationship again and then we decided that we've found the meaning of life
we've been engaged and then getting married
without even realize it my friend, we, who refused to age, started to grow up
we grew up by nature, by the force of nature
we are becoming an adult
and it hit me today

couple months from now, i'll be someone's wife
and then i have to be responsible not just for my life, but also for someone's else
we grow up my friend
we grow up and there's nothing we can do about it
just live your life!

Monday, July 4, 2011

last part for ever after

yak..akhirnya konseling kita SELESAI!! yipeee... not that i hate it, just you know, i'd prefer spending it having fun after all the hard day at work all week long. so, for the last counseling, since i'm half dozed due to exhaustion and a little bit feverish, i'm not quite remember about what we talked about. all i know is that we should communicate everything with our spouse and always ask for God's guidance. and then there's a turning back part. our first lesson was learning how to give since our purpose of being married is to give happiness to our spouse. but the last lesson, we could take and give. the reason why they told us at the end is because taking is easy, but giving is hard to do, so they have to remind us to giving for almost the whole session and just one session to tell us that there should be a balance of take and give.

and at the end of our counseling, we had to take a personality test. just like the old one. whether we are sanguinist, choleric, melancolic or phlegmatic. another test to check my personality though. back in my senior high days, i was sanguin-melancholic, but thanks to Hantoro, i was changed to sanguin choleric. but on my last test, my phlegmatic is rising!! pretty confusing, since my phlegmatic was always at the bottom of four. so i guess i'm not stable enough. hahahaa... david on the other hand, is pretty amazing. he had a stable personality all his life. no significant differences among those four. all almost equal. emotionless person. hahaha...

whatever it is, i hope it's enough to help us in walking marriage life. huff. many people reminded me of how close i am in becoming a wife. please.. don't remind me again. i don't know how to react. i don't think there will be such difference though. but maybe i was wrong. yeah, i might move into other house, but we still live in same city. we could meet everyday. or i could sleep over someday. right now, i don't know what to feel. excited perhaps, and sometimes scared. but all i know is that it's not only me.. with 3 more months to go, we still have a lot to prepare. oh gosh.. hopefully everything will be just fine.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

movie reviews: nikita

well, since blockbuster movies are still being banned from Indonesia's cinema, i have no option other than watching series.. (no way i'm giving up watching..hahahaa..). so, since after couple disappointment in "The Cape" and i forget what's the series' name.. , being agreeed to buy Nikita is such a pleasure. This is another heroine movie. The main character, Nikita, was an assasin in a government black-op which is now gone rogue. After fled from the organization, instead of hiding, she decided to fight back and make sure that every mission the organization had, failed. And she had a mole inside, whom she has trained before. a russian heir whom never knew that nikita has killed her parents. nor how dangerous and tricky it is being inside of the organization.

this movie kinda so-so. a heroine with a plan of saving the world. well-trained assasin, highly skilled but a moral killer. a usual plot of tricking each other. and also, being falling in love with your enemies. although it same old, new fashion way of spy movies, it's okay to fill my day. not to boring, and pretty complicated. since you can never know who's the real villain. but at the end of the first season, which is kinda surprising, i can't see it coming. although no one being killed, but sadly, nikita parted from her partner. after gaining another partner beforehand. kinda saving me from my boredom since there were many twists in the series. although i still rooting for my criminal minds. hoping next season will come soon...

Monday, June 13, 2011

after a year and a half

hmm..ndak kerasa aku udah setahun setengah di mitra ini. many experiences, many ups and downs during those times. many cases, many incidences, but i survived  though. some may come and go, but i found new friends here. not just among peer doctors, but also from nurses, paramedics and administration clerks. i do like the work environment. although sometimes the schedule is insanely hectic, but since we worked with people that we're comfortable with, it's enjoyable. many funny stories too... let's review some..

comments and questions i heard most in the hospital (since i'm the all-rotating doctor --> ward, icu, emergency room, clinics, even both hotel clinics.. hahaa..talking about being greedy... ):
1. hmm.. u looked new.. i never saw u before: errr... i've been here a year...
2. u look young, how old are you? : errrr... i'm 26 now.
3. u do look young, are u an intern here? nope.. i'm officially a doctor, legal and under oath since october 28th, 2010.
4. are u really have graduated? errr... yeah.. i won't be able to be here and be your doctor if i don't have a license
5. what school? i've graduated from unair. (at this point, some showed awe .. now they're starting to believe that i'm a REAL doctor.. hahahaa..)
6. are u married? nope.. not yet
7. any boyfriend? yes.. we've been engaged (don't think that some will stop at this point, knowing that i've been engaged. a few keep going by saying anything could happen before i'm married.. hahaa.. pretty bold)
8. u're pretty.. don't look like a doctor.. : well, i'll be damn if i have to be ugly to become a doctor. don't judge a book by its cover people...

comments i heard most in the hotel clinics:
1. where r u going? clinic.. (they looked puzzled.. and i kept going..hahaa..)
2. which department are u in? i'm not an employee here.. i'm the doctor (ooooo... that's the most replies i got)
3. hey..u haven't check log! mmm.. i don't have one.. i'm the doctor..
4. r u here to collect debts? errr... do i look like one? hahaha..
5. which trainee are u? i'm not a trainee.. i'm a doctor (please.. u've already saw my white coat.. what do u think it was? a cook's coat?)
6. u look young.. (here we go again...)
7. i haven't seen u before... (again... since i'm just filling the blank schedule, it's probably they don't always meet me when they come to the clinic)

and lately, i've been asked for my card.. hahaa.. i don't have one. probably i'll make one soon.

Monday, June 6, 2011

lesson for ever after - continued

yesterday, after skipped the class for several weeks, finally we had time to do the consulting again. hahaa.. this time, since it was a short notice and both of us are in a hurry, so the lesson kinda in pieces. whatever comes to om han's mind, he talked to us and then we will discussed it. wekekeke.. melencengggg..

okay, the first lesson is about having the principal ground in building a family, which is in God. although some family claimed that they're Christian, it don't necesserily grant them happiness. even some non Christian could be happy since they are defining their own happines standard. so if we wanted happiness in our family, we have to put God first and do everything according to His law and surely happiness will follow. perhaps it wouldn't come instantly, but later we will see His plan is never wrong for us.

and being closer to God is important since it also will make us closer to our spouse as well. just like Jeffrey Rahmat said in one of his sermon, like a triangle with God on the peak, if we came closer to God, if our relationship with God grew stronger, it will also draw our spouse closer, as the gap between the base and the apex of the triangle are become closer. and the parents have strong relationship with God, the children will see that example and follow unconciously. and also if there were any problems along the way, as long as we ask God to intervene, there will be a solution.

the next lesson is about changing our spouse. how can we change them? although it seems impossible, it was proven possible in God. the first step that we have to take is to change ourself first. then bring it in prayer so that God may intervene in His way to change our spouse.

and the most important lesson is about how to communicate. communication between two person could be tricky. some obstacles in communication : rock-headed, cocky, unwilling to listen, egoism, and etc. so the most important key in communication is the willingness to listen. the most dangerous thing is if we acted like we listen but in fact, we didn't listen. it could back-stabbed us. and other things that play part in communication besides words are gesture and intonation. same words that was spoken in different intonaton could bring different effects. so i guess, another lesson to lessen the ME inside of me, open our ears as wide as we could, and change first.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

bali getaway

although it started not as a perfect plan, but turned out it was fine. we had fun. exhausted, but fun.
day 1: we arrived early so he could set up the CCTV in his ruko. so i just sat there, played the ipad and watched castle on my iphone and get bored. but only for an hour. then we headed back to airport to pick up the girls and had lunch. the first agenda was waterbom. we had so much fun, although he refused to ride some attractions and just sat there, waiting for us. the girls had so much fun. the most funny story of the day is meok being rescued by the pool attendant because she was stuck in the middle of the "climax". it's hilarious. climax is a n attractions which consist a steep descent and then a loop before it ends. meok kinda stuck in the middle after the descent since her bathing suit was closed at her back. so instead of going down the loop, she slided back to where she was before. and then she was helped to get out from there after the attendant blew the whistle as a sign of emergency. hahahaa..

day 2: we were doing our prewed shoot while the girls were on tour. they went to GWK, tanjung benoa to play water sports, dreamland and uluwatu. while we went to renon to shoot the first scene. it was awkward since there were other people there, watching me with full makeup and gown and so dressed up. people even sneaked snapping pictures at me. and it was painful since i had to wear my 9cm-heels to make me look taller in that dress. ughh.. i really hate it. but the pictures were nice. so just wait and see. the next stop was geger beach. he was having troubles since it was broad daylight and he couldn't see without blinking if the light was too bright. so the photographer had to think how to shoot us with marvelous background without causing him to shed tears due to the bright sunlight. when they said to wrap up and move to other place, i saw a man selling ice cream, so we stop by and bought one. the photographer instantly shot us again spontaneously. hahaa.. that was fun. the last stop was breathtaking. they called it brownies hills since there were so many cow's poop on the hills. brownies= the color of the poop. hahaha.. the scenery was breathtaking. and we had to wait for the sun to set a little bit to get the best view. and i had to change my clothes behind the bushes. hahaa.. all the hardwork and troubles, i hope it all will be paid off. and that's a wrap for our second day. ooppss...the shopping was closing our day, to be exact.

day 3: kuliner time...the first stop was naughty nuri's grill. it was pretty confusing since there were two nuri's in the same road. but the first one was deceiving. it was written mexico cuisine. luckily we found the second one.  and should we say more.. the famous menu there was the spare ribs which is the pork's rib. it was big and soooo...delicious. the sauce was perfect. the tenderloin (ipung chose medium one) was tender and juicy.. and it was good too... i could be dying to eat them again. but they didn't come cheap .. hahaha.. good food cost much apparently. after that we stopped by at the market while david slipped to bu oka's to buy 2 babi guling rice takeouts. and then we walked in the monkey forrest to cool down before deciding where to go next.  since it was only mid day, david decided to go back to town to buy some pie first and then heading to uluwatu to watch the kecak dance. although it was pretty confusing to find the pie (we had to try each brand before deciding which to buy since ipung forgot which one is the best), and the GPS and google maps unreliable since no signal on the way to uluwatu, but we managed to arrive there on time to watch the kecak dance. and it was the different dance so it was fortunate that he decided to watch it again. after that we headed to rock bar. hahaa.. other visitors were so dressy while us were so soaked in sweat since we haven't took any shower. hahaha... but the view was nice. the interesting part was, we were seated at the edge of the bar. although the waiter said that the tide never reached that far, but unfortunately, that night was different. nature decided to give us some bath.. hahaha.. the tide was so high that it splashed ipung and our chips. wakakkaa... but it was nice. the scenery was marvelous. and the moon....ohhhh.. i wish i had the chance to enjoy it again in the future. and that ended our third day

day 4: we all woke up late and just sitting in our rooms before we had to head to the airport. and then having a brunch and starbucks before leaving bali. hikss... i wish i could stay longer.... haaaaa.. but now i'm home and it's time to work. hiks. but it's a wonderful getaway.. thanks :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

new story? not really

started new job this monday. the coolest part about this new job is, i'm the only doctor there, so i don't have to wear a white coat! haaha.. and since i'm the only doctor there, no more people questioning whether or not i'm the doctor. wkwkwkw.. kinda amazing.. suddenly i'm in charge! hahaha.. bahayanya adalah.. if i wanted to prescribe anything not available there, i don't have my own prescription pad, so i have to use the clinic's instead. and today, another funny story happened. a grandma and her grandchild came to clinic, accompanied by their daughter/mother. they were so funny.. at the end of our conversation, the mother/daughter, asked me about my previous study and stuff. and then she asked for my business card.

mrs : can i have your card please? perhaps if we needed anything, we can call you
me : uummm... sorry..but i don't have a card
mrs: oh.. did you forget to bring it?
me: no, i mean, i don't have a business card.
(gyaaa.. suddenly felt so amateur.. wakakkaa.. )

and talking about shangrila clinic.. things were okay for past two weeks, but this few days there were pretty funny stories.
#1 sad enough, since the suicide bombing at the mosque, the security @ shangrila became more cautious. usually, there were no female security officer at the employer gate, but since the suicide bombing, they put a female officer there to do the body check for female employer. that sucks. now i have to do the body check. the funny part about the female officer, the first one, after checking my bag, where i put my white coat in, asked me where i was going. and then she stopped and realized, "'re the doctor.. please proceed" and she laughed and embarrassed for asking stupid question.

#2 another female officer. the male officer recognized me and he greeted me, " good afternoon.. noon shift, doc?" he knew that for past two weeks, i was on the morning shift. and i replied, "good afternoon, yes sir."
the female officer could've heard us, but then after checking my bag, again.. i put my white coat in it, asked me " are you here for collecting money?"
me: no.. i'm the doctor..
again, she embarrassed and proceed me without asking further. hahhaaa..

when i told the nurses about those two incidents, they laughed and one of them told me that i was lucky since she didn't hand me the "visitor" card. wakakkaa..;

#3 since i've enough body check, i decided to use the front door instead. plus, the HRD office moved near the elevator from the lobby, so today, i decided to use the lobby lift. when i waited the elevator, a man came and asked me, " after an interview?"
me: no..
man: so.. why did u here?
me: i'm going to the clinic.
man: (at the elevator) the clinic in the basement
me: yes, i knew that
i knew that after we reached the basement, there will be another scene, since clinic is turning left from elevator, but i had to go to the HRD first, which was turning right from the elevator. and i was right/ after i stepped out from the elevator and making right turn, he shouted "clinic is this way!"
and i replied "going to HRD first!"
hahaha.... i don't know why things like this happen to me, but i guess it's a refreshment to my boring and hard days.

Monday, May 2, 2011

chapter 2

okay..move on to chapter 2 in our premarital counseling. the easiest part is talking about finance. since marriage is a collaboration between two person, so is finance. when we married, there's no more "your money" or "my money", it's become "our money". since we've already agreed to be one account, so there's no problem in this discussion. furthermore, we just reviewed about our thought about money. both of us agreed that money came from God and we're just His servant in this world. so our money should be used for greater good and we had to work hard in order to get it. and don't forget to give back to God. so.. this discussion ended short. hahaa.. no need to discuss it further.

the harder part is parenthood. although we agreed to postpone pregnancy, we still have to discuss about parenthood. actually, before getting married, we have to have a blueprint, what our marriage will be. and we build our marriage based on that blueprint. and that blueprint contains all our agreement, including parenthood. and the other thing that we should have is togetherness. all problems, all differences should be talked and solved. and after we reached agreement, there shouldn't be grudges anymore.

back to parenthood, teaching kids nowadays is kinda hard. kids are more critical than before. we have to be extra careful with what we said, what we did, and what we told them to do. the first thing to have as parents is the solid ground of faith. if we didn't base our daily habits according to God's, our children will follow us, aware or not. so we have to teach them to know God and to live accordingly to His words. other things that we should note about parenthood: discipline, education plan, being a role model, and stuff. it's kinda a lot to digest in one time, so probably we should discuss it further. but our counselor thought that we will be ready for parenthood, since both of us came from good family, and we got the best examples from our parents, so they're not worry about it. probably, the best way so far in parenting is to adopt the good from our parents and combine it with our style and today's situation. and involve God. pheww.. i guess parenthood will always be a scary part.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

note for ever after

since i'm half year away from getting married, i'm in premarital counseling right now. 2 weeks ago, we discussed about the basic of marriage and the purpose of getting married. so.. i guess i'm going to blog it, since perhaps i'll forget it (actually.. i kinda forget the 2 weeks ago lesson already..hahaa..)
- the purpose of getting married is not to be happy, but to make our spouse happy
 --> the biggest rival of marital problems is our ego. if we wanted to be happy and hoped that our spouse could make us happy, then think again. the only way we could be happy is by making our spouse happy first. just like the golden rule, do to others as you want it happen unto you.
- people are not perfect, that's why we have to learn to compromise. and don't demand and don't held grudges
--> it's better to talk about our goal and dream with our partner so we could have the same vision. and people might not chance.. so we have to compromise sometimes. that's why don't demand.. because we might disappointed if it weren't fulfilled.
- involve God in every aspect
--> be closer to God not only as a person but also as a couple. involving God also let God to reign over "i" inside us. and like Jeffrey Rahmat said, by being closer to God, we also get closer to our spose as well
okay.. i don't quite remember the other stuff.. but as soon as i remember it, i'll blog it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

one hell of a journey

if i might started, i should start with God is amazing. this year is pretty stressing for me. wedding preparation and school preparation. pretty complicated. thank God there's an EO to handle the wedding prep, so it's my job to handle the other. but problems keep showing up. mulai dr pengurusan penundaan PTT yg bermasalah yg berujung kemungkinan aku hrs cari cara laen atau malah batal daftar. sampe akhirnya ttp nekat daftar dan ternyata persyaratannya beda. begh..blm lagi nyari rekom. OMG.. aku mo mati kutu pas kudu nyari rekom. nyari ke mana coba?? dan waktunya udah mepet, ya udah deh. pasrah aja.

berhubung ini ujian yg diniati, aku males dong jaga as usual. isa mati berdiri aku. akhirnya jaganya nyante, cm jaga hotel doang. tp still... ini bahan banyak amat. dan mungkin otakku jg udah sedikit atrofi kali ya.. makanya ga masuk2 ini bahan. but thank God, pas TOEFL ternyata nilaiku lmyn apik..hehee.. tembus target bahkan lebih.. yuhuii.. jd bikin pede aja. abis gt mulai deh serangkaian ujian itu dimulai. diawali ama TPA dan bahasa inggris. buset dah.. soal TPAnya aneh2. untung itung2annya ga banyak. ga kyk di buku yg takcoba ngerjain. tp tetep ajaaa.. itung2an.. oh noooo. hahahaa... trus bahasa inggrisnya takkira kyk TOEFL beneran gitu.. tp ternyata ndak. serupa tapi tak sama. abis gt bsknya disambung psikotes.

psikotesnya jg ruwet. yg milih2 gambar itu udah waktunya cueeepppeetttt banget dan aneh2. ampe mata kicer kayaknya ngeliatin mana yg ga sama. abis gt ada pertanyaan yg ttg sifat2 kita itu. dan yg terakhir yg paling ruwet adalah gambar menggambar. alamak.. terakhir kali latihan gambar kapan coba? TK?? SD?? oh ndak se.. SMA kan ada.. hehehe.. tp gambar pake penggaris. lha ini? disuruh nggambar pohon berkambium, disuruh ngasi nama trus ada larangannya ga boleh gambar pohon apa aja. abis gitu disuruh gambar orang. untung deh kalo yg kedua ini. paling ndak lumayan lah berbentuk orang, masio ga mirip siapa2..hehehee..

buyar psikotes kita diwawancara ama psikolog. ditny2i basic questions gitu. knp kok milih prodi itu, dll dsb. pretty simple, but pretty scary. this is like preliminary interview. last interview i had was to apply for a job. so i'm pretty nervous. i don't know what my profile will be according to her. but i tried to be honest in answering her questions. so.. this interview ends the first part of my journey. the second part is the hardest one.

tes tulis di bagian. ada kuesioner 15 mnt ttg data diri, plus yg terakhir disuruh buat karang separo folio ttg pengalaman kita selama jd dokter atau SKed. i just think that i'm blogging, but the difference is, i have to write it, not to type it like usual. lumayan pegel, tp lancar jaya utk yg ini, even though we have to write in English. the second part is to translate a journal. ini jg megelin, krn nulisnya itu lo. i wish we could type it, and i'm pretty sure i will do it faster than writing it. tp lumayan lah.. kan yg penting terjemahannya, bukan seberapa banyaknya. the third part is the theory test. ada esai, multiple choice, bahkan ada yg kayak soal SPMB dulu. beggghhhhh...soalnya susaaaahhhh banget. masio udah baca braunwald's review and assessment, ttp aja...lupa kan jawabannya apa. apalg ga semua persis gitu. ada yg diubah2. oh nooo.. baru kerja bbrp nomer aja perutku udah krucuk2. hiks.. bener2 que sera sera aja deh..

the last part is the interview. for me, it is this day. pengujinya jg ga dateng satu. tp lmyn serem. pas bagian ditny teori, yg laen ditny ttg PJK ato HF..ehh.. pas giliranku ditny ttg cardiovascular disease. haiss. mulai dari mana coba??? aku bener2 mati kutu deh. abis gitu ditny2 soal pribadi, mulai dari prestasi, kenapa milih jantung, trus penelitian, rencana ke depan ama sumber biaya. pas tau lek mo merit, ditny calon suami kerjanya apa. pas aku jwb PBF, spontan Prof. R nyeletuk " kok nemuuuu ae.." hehehe.. seandainya profnya tau cara kita ketemu, beliau bakal lebih geleng2 kepala lagi.. hehehee.. yg pamungkas itu dr. Agus, nanya siap ga kalo ga diterima. ya berharap diterima pasti udah hrs siap jg kalo ditolak. dan pas ditny trus mo ngapain, takjwb aja.. "masih ada periode dpn dok.. " hehehehee...

hopefully.. but whatever will be, i'm sure everything is His plan. He's the one that opens my way so i can apply for this period. i'm sure He's already has the right answer for me, the right plan on the right time.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

too young

it happens just a day after my 26th birthday. we got an oncall patient from Shangrila. it's a guy compalining about rash and itch that he's been suffering since yesterday. so when i got there, he was on his way back to his room. since i was wearing my white coat, he knew that i'm the doctor. while he was opening his door, he asked me again, " are you the doctor?" and when i nodded, he replied "too young.." i said, " looks young"

OMG...i'm just getting older the day before and he said that i'm too young? oh damn.. probably those anti-aging factories should find me, and probably i could be their best model. looking young without anything!

but couple days ago, when i waited for the psycho test interview, we exchanged stories with other candidates. i was so relieved when i found out that it's not only me that get underestimated. kakak kelasku itu cewe berjilbab yg tampangnya cukup keibuan menurutku, dan dia bilang bahkan dia sendiri masih diragukan kalau dia itu dokternya. wow..that's a relief! padahal aku sudah sering berusaha tampak dewasa pas menghadapi pasien2 itu, tp mukaku ttp kelihatan kayak anak SMA. *sigh* some says it's an advantage, but in my case, it's a disadvantage. but somehow, knowing that others also struggle with their appearance, it brings me relief.

wed tips

ahh..many people said that there will be a lot of quarrels and disagreements. i kinda find out it to be true, but in my case, it's not that bad. so, i guess, i'll share mine. the first and most important thing is : just choose one head to lead all the preparations. i guess being clueless is an advantage. i think most disagreements results from two heads trying to force each desire to be true. so i guess, one must give in and cooperate. in my case it's easy, since i have no dream about getting married, i also don't know what to expect in my party. i don;t know what the decorations will be. what theme. what colors . (especially that.. since i'm color freak.) soo...thankfully, my groom to be had a theme in his mind. and everything process from that idea. only ONE idea. not combination between two ideas. even though i get to say "yes and no", but since mostly it's his, so everything is easier. all i do is just sit there and listen, and then interrupted when i disagree.

so people, the way to minimize disagreement is to have one door policy. it applies for everything. even in family. he asked about what his family wants, and then after getting one idea from his family, we combine it with my family' idea. far, it's the best strategies. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

diary of a doc bride

actually it's kinda late to start this "diary of a mad bride" blog..but better late than never... i guess..

i've heard that during the preparations, it's normal to be a freaking-mad bride. but since i'm no normal girl, i don't grow up dreaming to be a bride someday. i never imagine i will try the white gown. i never imagine to be married..but here i am. so thank God i have a substitute for this madness. i mean, since the bride have no idea at all about a wedding party, thankfully my husband-to-be is the one that has dream about the wedding dream. yep..this time it's the groom that dreamt about walking down the aisle, not the bride, hahaha..

so, the first thing is setting the date. since we think everyday is a good day, so we just set the month due to weather consideration. the next on the list is getting the venue. since we've already been late in deciding the date, so we had to compromise. we want the Saturday, so we looked for the venue that is available during the first Saturday. after deciding the place, the next plan is getting an EO, since we don't want to  troubled with the preparations. we just said what we wanted about the wedding, and then it's their job to fill in the blanks. so we have to find an EO that could work efficiently and do almost everything for us without disturbing us.

since the first three important things on our list has been decided, we started to fill in the blnaks. wedding gown and bridal gown, MC, contributing artists, bands, decoration, video and photo, invitations, even the souvenir. even though not all has been decided, but most of it has been decided. so i guess it's pretty good since we've just been slightly behind schedule. now it's only the little details to be discussed.

sooo... i guess probably i won't be the mad bride, but who knows? it's just the beginning.

Monday, March 28, 2011

appreciate life people!

sehat itu mahal. tp kadang org jg tdk bersyukur saat msh dikasih kesempatan utk memperbaiki kesehatannya dg diberi penyakit. i know, getting hospitalized nowadays cost a fortune, especially if you wanted to get the best care from the best specialist. biarpun ada asuransi, tdk menjamin semua akan ditanggung pihak asuransi.  let me use an example.

several months ago, there was this patient, an 80 yrs old woman, looked humble in ICCU. which is a rare view in our ICCU. out of curiosity, we asked her, since according to her record, she'd had a stent inserted in her coronary artery which cost her more than 70 million rupiah. we're not underestimated her, but we just curios since most patients, especially the uneducated ones, refuse to get a stent when they found out the cost. she told us that she only had 2 kids, one son and one daughter. her son opened a garage near their home. while her daughter was a worker in some factories. since the regulations in most factories never cover any family member if the worker is female, we wondered where she got all the money to pay for the stent. but i guess, her children could manage to get it so she could get the best care.

while couple weeks ago, a 56 year old male, a cook from renowned hotel in Surabaya being hospitalized because of heart attack. we caught it early and we offered to do angiography and probably a stent since it was the best therapy for him. the management from the hotel agreed to do it as long as it is necessary to safe his life. but the added cost for his care will be discussed later after he's being dismissed. when he heard that he had to pay any extra cost for his care, for more than 10 millions, he refused the angiography and prefer the streptase which is cheaper.

from this two cases, i found out a different decision. probably both families didn't have much money. but the first one, manage to find a way to collect that much money so their mother could be treated to the best and get the best result. while the second family, even though he's still working and probably he could save and pay the management a little by a little, but he refused it. i don't know if he had other debt or any other consideration that made him refuse the angiography that time, but compared to other family, i wonder, why he couldn't manage it? padahal lek dilihat, dr luar tampak lebih mampu keluarga kedua drpd yg pertama.

and he seemed like ignoring God's warning. stl serangan jantung, apalg dg hasil yg seperti itu, harusnya dia ga blh kerja berat dulu. but only after a week, he got back to work. i don't know. kadang orang2 seakan nggak mengerti kalau mereka itu msh disayang Tuhan. masih diberi kesempatan utk memperbaiki hidup. masih diberi nyawa sambungan. dan makin sebel kalau ternyata org tersebut malah memperburuk keadaannya dg tidak menaati aturan rumah sakit dan malah seenaknya sendiri.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

RIP: Mrs.S

RIP. i might be cruel for predicting her fate before it became real. but watching her record, she will eventually dead sooner or later due to her stubbornness. and it became reality this morning. she came back to ER too late. she had been died in her house only God knows when. her family rushed her in to our ER, but it was too late. they couldn't do anything.

pretty sad though. they had money. they had the chance to get her better. but every time we suggested this and that, they always refuse.they always bargain. i know, as a doctor, probably we should push them to obey our advice. but as human beings, we couldn't force them to obey us. and there's a freedom of choice. they chose not to obey our advice, so as the same human being, we have to honor their choice. too bad though, because we knew that their choice is wrong. we, doctors, we knew better what's best for them. but we should try our best to make them understand it.

but once again, only God can do miracle. even though we have tried to convince them, we might fail. only God that can influence their decision. we could only try our best. perhaps, yesterday i wasn't try hard enough. perhaps i should force her to stay in the hospital. perhaps i should scare them, so they didn't bring her home. but again, they made their choice. they had choose her fate. she had choose her fate. may her rest in peace.

Monday, March 7, 2011


sekarang aku jd menyadari, jd dokter di masa ini susah. we're facing a new problem. educating people about health prevention and helping them to be aware of their symptoms. but then it backfired at us. kadang ada beberapa org yg psikosomatis, malah memanfaatkan ilmu yg kita berikan ke mereka sebagai keluhan dan they can mimic the symptoms so we doubt whether it's the true symptoms or not. bbrp malah terlalu panik sehingga tiap keluhan muncul dijadikan masalah besar dan minta perhatian sesegera mungkin. even though we've explained that it's not emergency, they couldn't understand it. more over, they are people with money, so they think their money should get our attention to give them priority.

but talking about money, i realize that people with money, they all very demanding. some demand priority, assuming that money should give them priority. some obey our rule and instructions, but others disobey us, thinking that they're smarter than us and they can instruct us which medication they would follow and which is not. this is ridiculous.. kita para dokter terancam hukuman jika kita melakukan malpraktek. what if, malpraktek itu terjd krn mereka yg keras kepala? tidak mau menuruti segala instruksi kita dan menganggap kita ini berlebihan? dan nanti pada saat yg kita pikirkan itu benar, mereka balik menuntut kita dg kelalaian?

meet mrs. Sul and her family. she suffered chronic kidney disease. since the first time she's been diagnosed, the doctor has instructed her to do hemodialysis.but she refused. she bargained. she just wanted the diuretic injection. from time to time, every time she had difficulty in breathing, she would go to ER and quarreled again with us, refused to be admitted to the hospital and then ended up going home after being injected with diuretics. and one day, the diuretics couldn't help anymore. by the time she agreed to do the hemodialysis, it's already too late. the access to her iv were a mess, so we couldn't do it. we had to consult to a vascular surgery to insert a trilumen. Then before she had the dialysis, she couldn't breathe so we intubated her. after few days in the ICU and then regular hemodialysis, she's still stubborn.

AV shunt didn't work out. her trilumen is not working either. so she got no other choice. she had to get hemodialysis, but no access to do it. the other option is CAPD, but then, it couldn't be done soon. she refused to be admitted, but her physics couldn't hold longer. the family didn't help either. they blamed us for not cooperating with all their demands. as institution, we're held back by regulations and protocols, tapi mereka seakan memutar balikkan semua peraturan sehingga terlihat seakan kita yg tidak berperikemanusiaan. mereka yg menolak segala terapi, mengatur semua tindakan, menolak semua anjuran dokter. if i wanted to be rude, aku bakal bilang ke mereka "kalo gitu ngapain ke rumah sakit? kalo minta ditolong, harusnya nurut semua. kalo masih ngatur, ya obatin aja sendiri"

and now his husband cursed me for being cold-blooded doctor. he's the one that still hardened his heart and chose to comply his wife and brought her home despite her breathlessness. aarrrgghhh...what a stubborn, rock-headed family. abis gitu masih nyalahin semua orang. perhaps it's the curse from the nurses back in ICU. krn mereka selalu menyalahkan kita dan terus tidak mau kooperatif dalam tiap tahap terapi, akhirnya para perawat yakin, she wouldn't survive. bukannya kita mendoakan dia meninggal, but according to our record, people like her and her family, ended up dead because of their stubbornness. let's see whether or not she will survive. may God give revelation to her and her family.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ER dilemma

ini akibat peran dobel, jadi anak pendeta sekaligus dokter jaga. nasib..nasib... dulu awale bingung gimana hrs bersikap lek ngadepi pasien jemaat. apalg kalo mereka2 jemaat lama seng kenal aku dr kecil. bingung gimana ngadepinnya. lha wong mrk udah kenal aku dr jaman masih imut2 dulu, dr masih mbrangkang, ampe skrg udah seperempat abad. rasae sungkan ae kalo aku kudu mengedukasi mereka. mereka lo tau mokong2e aku gimana pas kecil..trus skrg jd dokter yg meriksa mereka... hmmm..lek aku jd mereka aku dewe jg bakal merasa.."ini kan anak ko den yg dulu msh udah jd dokter.. " rada separo ga isa nyalahin lek mereka ga mau takperiksa atau ga percaya..

tp lama2 aku bonek aja. sok pede kalo ada jemaat. lama2 mrk jg udah biasa. biarpun kadang msh ngeledek "bu dokter" tp aku cuek2in aja wes. soalnya resiko kalo diliat pasien lain, ntar mereka kira aku ga pede. masalah yg itu beres, tp muncul masalah lain. soal fee. di satu sisi, sebagai makhluk Tuhan yg masih normal, siapa sih yg ga butuh duit? even a pastor's daughter also needs money. wekekekeke... tp di sisi lain, masa anak pendeta ga beramal? narik duit dari jemaatnya sendiri?? errrr... aku jd bingung. akire aku membuat keputusan sendiri. SK ala eunike. ehehhehe... kalo mereka baru pertama kali takperiksa dan emg kenal deket, takgratisin, apalg kalo ga mampu. tp kalo yg tajir2 trus ga kenal2 amat apalg kalo recordnya nyebelin, ya bayar aja deh.. wekekkeke.. anggap aja persembahan, hahahahaa...

tp masalahnya adalah, tiap aku menihilkan honor dokter, bagian counter tuh mesti nanya. kalo alasane krn jemaat terus, jangan2 ntar malah ga boleh dinihilin. guawat dongg..secara jemaatku kan banyak tuh. repot nih. apalg pas kmrn jaga malem. entah knp seakan jadi hari jemaat sedunia. dateng2 udah ada anake tiky yg mo nebul. abis gitu tengah malem ada cucue bu umar 2 orang. haiss.. akire yg cucue bu umar takksh buy 1 get 1 free.. wakkakaa.. soale pasienku dikit..lek digratisin semua, aku gigit jari. lek ga takgratisin, wong bu umar itu baik ama mami...serba salah. akire buy 1 get 1 free ae wes. pagie juga gitu, ada mas2 nyerempet ibu2. krn perawate juga sakno, akire rawat luka ama honor dokter pun dicharge buy 1 get 1 free. obate jg takksh yg murah2.

nah, urusan fee udah ada SKnya. skrg urusan lain. sometimes, even though they are my congregation member, sometimes they could be pain in the ass. mulai dr yg minta diutamain, ampe yg ga nurut lek disuruh ngurus admin. sebel deh.. perawate jd keki. aku jg sungkan. krn di satu sisi aku kenal mereka, tp krn mereka ga kooperatif, aku dewe jg ga enak ama perawate. grrrr... kalo udh begini ini..bayar aja deh. biarpun kasihan, tp kalo annoying ya males bgt ngeladeni. aku dewe jg kalo mereka komplain, selama masih masuk akal ya aku ladeni. tp lek wes ketok mrk yg kenemenen, mek masuk kuping kiri keluar kuping kanan. masa bodo amat aku dirasani di belakang. kadang aku jd risih sendiri. mereka lo jemaatku, tp ternyt kalo di luar they act bossy and stuff, pdhl kalo di gereja they act like they need help, especially in economic. grrrr... jd pengen marah kalo liat begituan. *sigh* ya udah lah.. namanya jg manusia... diterima saja....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

not a good way to start a new month

i'm starting this month with a lot of questions. not a good way to start this month actually. i'm starting to doubt my life. all my choices so far and i don't have answers to my still-hanging-future. i don't even know why am i so pessimist this time. i don't even know me anymore. i'm different from that girl years ago. i was a med student, with a lot of spirit to be a good doctor and to save lives. and i had hope about my study even though it's hard .i had a lot of plans, going to AZ to get a job and then find a school. or going to PH and study there. i don't even worry about "ujian persetaraan" which i had to take afterward. i don't care all of that because i  belive that when i finished my study, there will be a lot of international hospital, so probably aku ga perlu lagi ambil ujian persetaraan. i even think getting paid by dollars.

but now, everything seems falling apart. i thought, after i couldn't go abroad to study, i can still study here. so i think UI is a great choice because they are still fair until this time. choosing cardio especially. aku kira aku bakal berjuang habis2an, ketrima ndaknya ya itu nasibku. at least i don't have to spend a fortune just to get me back into the med school and scratching every penny along the process. but i think God has different plan for me. jadwal ujian UI bareng ama tanggal lamaranku. okay then, i thought perhaps this is God's speaking for me to pay attention, like He tried to say "kurang jelas ta?"

back up plan is pleasing everybody by trying Unair. i don't like the idea of going back to Unair, especially when i've already knew what i will face once i'm accepted. and perhaps because of that, everything is a mess right now. penundaan PTTku bermasalah, pendaftarannya juga ga buka2. right now i'm in the middle of nowhere. semuanya ngambang dan itu merantak jd masalah lain. kalau penundaan PTT sekarang bermasalah, ga menutup kemungkinan akan bermasalah lagi di kemudian hari. because of that, i decided to give my full time work at mitra to get a job in a clinic yg bisa dihitung sbg PTT cara lain. well, as consequences, my salary won't be as much as before. and it took 3 years to complete it. and probably, even though i can get it now, mungkin aku ga akan bisa langsung daftar periode ini. worst case is i apply after wed or next year. yg berarti molor lagi. belon lagi masalah ACLSku yg bakal expired taon dpn.

right now, i have no idea what to do with my life. i started to question everything. is this really what i want? i wasn't this person a year ago. am i giving up too much? or is this what i've become now? i'm starting to doubt my decision. choosing you for instance. is it the right choice? somehow, i want to do a measurement. what have u giving up since we're together? since i felt that i've given up so much. i know, it's all my choice, my decision. that's why i'm questioning me right now. and i don't know how to get myself back. i hate realizing how vulnerable i am right now. i cried more than i used to, and i hate that i had to depend on u most of the time. putting my life on line. or is this some kind of exchange? i never dream about getting married and here i am, in the road of being married. i always dream about being a hard-ass doctor, no matter what specialist i chose, but here i am, in the road of nowhere being a specialist.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

too deep

emergencies kept coming into my ER door last monday night. i was exhausted and so the nurses. but we couldn't refuse all the patients. we kept helping them. pacing with time, and we worked as fast as we could so we did no harm to our patients. in our mind, we also hoped that if we could finish earlier, maybe we could steal a minute or two to rest before another patients came in. but that's just our hope. people kept coming without any rest. the last emergency patient was a 75 years old male. his family found him lying in the bedroom floor and they noticed that there's a bump in his right forehead and they couldn't wake him up. so they rushed to my ER, because he had previous history of intracranial bleeding.

unfortunately, as we did the CT, we found another bleeding (again) and this time, it was more than before. and operation was no longer an option. it was the only option to save him. i tried as fast as i could to give that information to the family without worried them any longer. i tried to get their approval without hurting their feelings. but perhaps God had another plan. the OK team came late and the neurosurgeon had left because the OK wasn't ready. the anesthesiologist also came late. in short, my patient didn't survive.

i was angry and disappointed. it was a long and hard night. i tried as hard as i could to save him, to make him proper for operation. but he didn't survive at last. i know the prognosis for him wasn't good since it was his second attack and he was old. but i thought there will be a small chance that he could survive if we operated on him sooner. that day, i cried everytime i remembered him. and i realised, i'm going in too deep. i'm not supposed to let my emotion clouded my judgement. what can i say? i was exhausted and the bad news at the end of my duty really ruin my day. perhaps tomorrow will be a better day. people have flaws and nobody is perfect. just do my best and keep improving.

kibarin bendera putih aja tan!

Serba salah nih akhir bulan kemarin. Gara2 mak mertua masuk rumah sakit, terpaksa semua persiapan merit ama pigi jadi amburadul. Si David yg benernya bakalan dapet angpao for the first and last time akhirnya batal ikut ke madiun krn kudu nguburin maknya. huehehehehe...kasian dehhhh... T.T sayangnya...aku jg kali ini bakal dpt angpao yg terakhir kali. ga maoooooo....noooooooo... heehhee...

ternyata di tempat persemayaman ga kalah heboh. karena aku cuma nongol di hari pertama, banyak para ai2 dan bos2 obat yg penasaran tampang calonnya pak David itu kayak apa. yeee..salah siapa aku jaga sore trus kudu ke Madiun? ya terpaksa hawa penasaran itu dibiarkan berkeleleran. tapi apes. ada satu ai2 yg ngotot pengen tau mukaku. alhasil, demi membungkam ini tante, ditunjukinnlah fotoku. karena foto udah dikeluarin, jadinya estafet deh..banyak yg penasaran. aiyaaa... kyk dagangan apa aja.. ternyata si ai yg ngotot abis ini, selidik punya selidik, punya cerita yg ga seberapa ngenakin. konon (cieee..), anak perempuan si ai ini dulunya mo dikenalin ke David. apa daya ternyata sebelum rencana itu terlaksana, si David udah kepincut aku duluan. (huahahahaa... - devilish laugh) alhasil, si ai yang ga pengen kalah saingan ini ngotot banget pas maesong kemaren.

pulang dari madiun, aku jaga malem pas weekend. asli aku paling sebel kalo ada pasien inpartu. jam partusnya lo selalu ga masuk akal. sebel banget. untungnya yg satu ini rada tau diri. pas teng jam setgh dua belas bayinya udah lahir. alhasil aku udah ke VK jam 12an. meriksa2 gitu. aku cm merhatiin umur bapak ibunya aja yg kebetulan seumuran ama David. ama ngeliat nama bapaknya pas dia salah ngisi form persetujuan. buyar dr situ aku ke cempaka. eh...ada satu tante2 yg mondar mandir di dpn nurse station. trus si tante itu tiba2 nanyain aku "dokter, dokter jaga ruangan ini?" takbilang kalo satu rumah sakit ini dokter bangsalnya ya cuma aku malem itu. trus taktanyain kenapa.. sapa tau dia mo lapor pasien ato gimana gitu. si tante awalnya bilang ndak papa, tapi keliatan banget tampangnya pengen nanyain sesuatu. pas aku mo ninggal ini tante, tiba2 dia nanya "calonnya David ya?" takiyain, trus aku penasaran nanya dia siapa..jangan2 masih ada hubungan sodara kan berabe. ehhh..taunya dia itu mertuanya yg baru ngelahirin. astaganagaaa... suaminya ternyata temennya calon papi mertua. haisss... penting banget jam 1 dini hari bahas beginian. akhirnya si tante malu sendiri setelah takselametin krn punya cucu, aku lgsg disuruh ngelanjutin kerja. dg senang hati taktinggal aja deh..

eh..pas aku cerita David, ujung2nya tenyata si tante itu mamanya cewek yg batal dikenalin itu. TERNYATA!! hahaha..buset ni tante..ampe subuh2 dibelain konfirmasi apakah aku beneran calonnya david...aiyaaa...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

it ain't easy

breaking bad news to patient and his family is not easy. breaking bad news to fellow colleague and his family is even harder.

dr.M rushed through my ER door along with her physiotherapist. in front of them is an old woman, holding a baby girl. she was blue and pale. i thought she had convulsion. but i was wrong. she wasn't breathing and her heart stop beating. we hurried, giving her high flow oxygen and chest thrust while the other searching for her vein to insert the IV line. we set the monitor, but nothing. it's still a flat line. we keep trying. a few attempts failed to put an IV. i called a pediatrician in his clinic to help me in the ER. he also rushed in and after he arrived, he decided to intubate without waiting the anesthesiologist. after he intubated, nothing changed. her oxygen saturation keep decreasing. she's still bluish and pale. adrenaline was given. twice. third time. nothing happen. IV line inserted, but it didn't change anything. she didn't give any response. after 30 minutes trying to save her, the pediatrician stopped our resuscitation and declared her dead.

the harder part is her uncle is my college-mate. he was 2 years older than me. i knew him. it was difficult to explain about the administration and stuff. while he had worse job to do. he had to tell her sister that her daughter has died. and she died in front of her own eyes. in her arms. she stopped breathing in her hug. and it's hard not to shed tears in front of them.

it ain't easy. even though i've done it many times before. telling patients or their family. telling their family that their loved one is in critical condition and probably won't make it. and then declaring them dead isn't easy. and it's not getting easier.

we doctors, we also human being. but we're demanded not to show it. but deep down inside, it crushed our heart. every single life, every heart beat. if it's possible, we will try as hard as we can to keep it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

did you hear the bells?

i'm getting married. for real. arrrrgggghhhh... sialnya, ternyata persiapan itu sebajek. probably, we're the most clueless client in the entire Surabaya for that EO. hahahhaa...

so, since we're both first born, so both our parents have no idea what to do. so the wise move here is to choose an EO that will help us. at the first EO, no problem at all since she only offered us about her service and explained to us about the price and stuff. but at our third EO, he probably will slap his forehead because of our cluelessness. probably i'm the most clueless bride he's ever met. i know, probably every girl in this entire world has a dream about getting married and being a bride one day. unfortunately, that dream never came to me. since i was little, i never dreamt about being a bride. more over when i grew up. i hate wedding party. i hate to dress up to attend a wedding party. and i have no clue what to expect in my wedding party. how great!

soooo... sekarang waktunya pusing. karena tadi di EO yg barusan kita datengin, dia dengan semangat menjelaskan ttg konsep acara yg akan jadi peer kita berikutnya setelah kita memutuskan deal dengannya. mulai dr konsep pinginnya kayak apa, sampe palet warna. konsep probably classic or simple... tapi palet warna??? that will probably hard to answer. since i'm so fond of colors. everytime i go to ace hardware, i end up staring at all those colors pallette back in the paint stuff. hahahaha.. dia bisa pingsan kalo tau... entah deh, ntar akire pilih warna apaan. apalagi kan ntar yg mutusin bkn aku doang.

and then masalah baju. OMG... kenapa sih wedding dress is sooooooo heavyyyyy....i guess that seharusnya, all the brides are not supposed to do diet before they tried their dress. bahkan menurutku, nyoba baju pengantin sering2 justru bakal jadi exercise yg efektif saking abote..heavy is problem number one. problem number two: why it has to be so bling2 and all the ruffles, beads and crystals, all those layers?? why can't it be simple? siale pas aku komentar gitu pas ke salah satu salon, mbak'e dengan enteng njawab gini: ya jangan to ce...ntar lek gitu, isa2 pengantine kalah ngejreng ama tamune. wong tamune semua pasti yo bling2..lek pengantine polosan lak isa kalah.. duengngnggggg... what's wrong with those people?? *sigh* itu baru baju, belon soal make up seng kudu tahan nyaris 24 jam itu. mateng wes...itu ntar mbersihine piro suwe???? oh nooo..pas dulu make up buat wisuda ama pelantikan ae udah kayak didempul piro lapis. bersihine ae ampe 3-4 kali, ampe rasae perih ga karuan. pas ting jing kemaren jg gitu. mana pas kmrn itu aku kalah ama seng ndandani. for the first time i wore fake eyelashes. padahal dulu 2 x dandan ga pake bulu mata palsu jg gpp. taruhan berapa ntar juga pas di make up buat merit jg ga boleh lek ga pake bulu mata palsu. adohhhh... padahal bulu mata palsu itu abotttt... nggarai mata ngantuk ga isa melek ae. grrrr.. that's no invention, but suffering.

so i guess, dear all grooms, you should know what kind of torture that you bring to your brides when you asked her to marry you, so you should be understanding when she changed into that angry and moody creature, that you have no idea where it came from. and you should be understanding when she's all tired and hard to please since she had to please everyone, not just her dream but also both parents dream. all you have to do is find a best man, find a nice tux and be clean and shiny and be there on time. while she had to wake up very early at dawn, getting her make up and dress ready and then smiling tirelessly through the entire day... all those suffering, just for that one special day. so be understanding all ye' grooms..

Monday, January 17, 2011

new year, new problems, new headache..but i'm not getting older

happy new year! i hope it's a happy new year for all of you. but for me, new year comes with new problems...and new problems mean new headache... but (thankfully?) i'm not getting older. so, there was this kid at our China tour..his name is Louis. his dad is so annoying, and his little brother is so naughty. but Louis seems fine. he was close to us since he was left alone in the bus with us when we decided to not going to the medicine house back in Beijing. so, when it's time to go shopping, he jumped off the bus with us. and through that quick time, he became familiar to us.

so when i bumped my nose, his little brother is overly excited that he wanted to see my nose..he wanted to see my scar. he didn't feel sorry for me because i was fallen. so annoying..i'm hurt but he's excited for my scar...damn little kid. but couple days later, people are talking about my job, thankfully, without remembering that i'm the clumsy girl that fallen in the toilet. first of all, it's no wonder that people surprised at first. like everybody used to say, i'm not the "doctor" type for them, judging from my face and my behaviour. but then came Louis. he asked me whether i'm a doctor. and when i said it's true, and that i'm already engaged, he was surprised. when i asked him what's in his mind, he admitted that he was surprised because he thought that i'm as old as his sister, who is 15 years old!!'s new year, and i'm downgraded to a 15-years-old girl..a first grade high schooler...oh noooooo.... really?? well..i guess it's up to you guys to decide...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

end of 2010

the wind at the next day wasn't get any better. we started the day visiting the shanghai TV tower. pretty amazing building. but i had pretty bad runny nose so ...sepanjang jalan aku buang ingus terus and it sucks. pretty view from above and on the 98th level, there was this glass floor. it made us feel like walking on the sky. then we went to the bund. again..the wind screwed it all. we just took pictures really quick and then back to the bus.

this was the last day before we headed back to hongkong and went home, but everyone didn't seem to have quite enough time shopping. so this last day, there were 2 spots for shopping. the first one is around the yu garden. it were only us and one other family that went to the garden, while the other chose to go shopping from the start. then we went to nanjing road, which was similar to orchard. shopping malls along the road. so everyone was crazy to shop. and then after we tired shopping, we had dinner and there was a small surprise to my future mother-in-law since it was her birthday. there was a birthday cake, we were singing and cheering my future dad-in-law to kiss her. was really funny. pretty sucks beginning but happy ending day. and that ended my 2010. no more agenda for the day. which is suck since it was the end of 2010, but there were no show or whatsoever, since last year, there were fire at the bund. so no fireworks. nothing. but it was okay though, since half of our tour members were sick. so we all pretty happy, just slept in the hotel.

sooo...that's it. that was my christmas to end year trip. wishing u all a happy new year!

day 6 - here comes the wind

the first visit was Xi Hu Lake. the guide told us that there was this road, along the lake, a long road. the stopry was, if you are a couple, you have to walk along the road, until the end of it, so you will have an everlasting relationship with your loved one. but since we will ride the boat, we won't walk along the road. my fiancee had a new theory. if you walked until the end, you will have an everlasting relationship. if you walked half of it, you will broke up with your loved one. but since we off to the boat half way, and walked again to the end after getting off the boat, then we have to speed up the relationship. hahaha.. pretty funny...

after that we stopped at the tea house pretty quick before moving on to zhouzhuang. the hatred part is when we arrived at zhouzhuang, it was very windy and cold. i really hate the wind. the wind came from all over, not like in beijing, so no one can avoid it. zhouzhuang was considered the venetian of china, so we rode a boat again there. but since it was really windy, no one really enjoyed the ride. then we were off to shanghai, our last destination. the dinner, which was a thai dinner, really sucks. food were okay, but what can i say about thai dinner? it was spicy and i couldn't eat most of it. but the most unbearable part was the smoking family were behind us. so in the middle of the dinner, they started to smoke without considering other people. ughhh..i really hate them. so inconsiderate!! and the wind didn't get better. it was so windy that i had runny nose again. damnnn.... and that ended "my pretty nice beginning but hatred ending" day

day 4&5- broken nose part 2

it's morning again and we're in a hurry, dragging our baggages into the bus. the first stop for the day is the sun yat sen mesoleum. The tour guide told us that it will be a long walk before we reached the resting place of the great Chinese leader. He told us that there were about 900-something-stairs before we reached it. some people in our group were already feeling exhausted hearing his explanation. but then as we started walking, it was a good way to exercise actually. the stairs are easier than those at the Great Wall. after few days, i get used to walking and hiking. and the mesoleum is easy. so in no time, me and njos2 catched up people ahead of us and even reached the top before them. and the funny part is my future father-in-law. he's a fat guy, so walking all the way up to the top is a challenge for him. but he made it! amazing though. but before reaching the top, he said to me that if he died, he didn't want to be buried like this. it's a torture to other people. hahahhaaa....

and then we're back in the bus and off we go to wu xi. we'll be visiting wu xi for a short time before going on to the next city. the first thing we did in wuxi was having lunch. unfortunately, at the restaurant's toilet, i sort of slipped and bumped my nose into the wall. it was a loud bump and i was worried that my nose will be broken. fortunately, my nose was fine, but it was pretty hectic at first. people were worrying about my nose but after a while, it vanished. thank God there were ice in the restaurant, considering it was winter. but until the end of our tour, my nose is bluish and reddish, the side effect of the bump. (-.-")

so after a pretty hectic lunch, we went to the sam kok shooting place. there we rode on a boat and then spent some time to just wandering around and taking pictures. some guys tried to shoot arrows, real arrows, just like in Timezone, but no one hit the center. some even just held the bow and arrows for a show. after that we were off to a pearl factory before going to suzhou. and then, the amazing fact after arriving at our hotel was the hotel was so much fun! it was nice and luxurious. and pretty hi-tech, considering it was a small city. unfortunately, we only spent a night sad.. but there, it was the first time for me and a bunch of people to go shopping all alone without our guide. we went for a walk to Carrefour. hahahaa.. pretty funny, considering we didn't know anything about the city, no map, and no clue at all. but we found it at the end. the next morning, the breakfast also amazing. for the first time, since we arrived in China, i found sushi!! i was so happy... no more chinese food... after that, we were off to explore su zhou. started at the liu garden. it was a house owned by a rich guy, but then the government took it over and preserved it as a tourist' destination. the house was so big and complicated. like a maze. according to the story, back in the day, a man could have many wives and concubines, but he didn't the wives and concubines to chat each other. therefore, he built such a complicated house and an amazing one, just to entertain them and made them to feel cozy at home and not go anywhere since they were forbidden to go outside.

really..the house was insane! after that, we went to the tiger hill, there was a pagoda, which was almost like pisa... tapi ga semiring menara pisa. because of that reason, we were not allowed to go inside it and went all the way up to the top. after a quick stop at the silk factory, we were off to Lei Feng Pagoda. it's the legendary pagoda where the white snake legend being held. the authentic pagoda was already burnt and broken, so the pagoda that we were visiting was a new one built by the government. inside there were carvings about the story about the white snake legend. the carving was crazy. every little details were being carved. every single leaf, every wave, it was...crazy. are they in their right mind? after that, we had a very disappointing dinner and went to see the Song Dynasty Show. it was a good show. chinese people really know how to arrange a show. there were dancing, singing, acrobatic..all in one package.