Monday, May 2, 2011

chapter 2

okay..move on to chapter 2 in our premarital counseling. the easiest part is talking about finance. since marriage is a collaboration between two person, so is finance. when we married, there's no more "your money" or "my money", it's become "our money". since we've already agreed to be one account, so there's no problem in this discussion. furthermore, we just reviewed about our thought about money. both of us agreed that money came from God and we're just His servant in this world. so our money should be used for greater good and we had to work hard in order to get it. and don't forget to give back to God. so.. this discussion ended short. hahaa.. no need to discuss it further.

the harder part is parenthood. although we agreed to postpone pregnancy, we still have to discuss about parenthood. actually, before getting married, we have to have a blueprint, what our marriage will be. and we build our marriage based on that blueprint. and that blueprint contains all our agreement, including parenthood. and the other thing that we should have is togetherness. all problems, all differences should be talked and solved. and after we reached agreement, there shouldn't be grudges anymore.

back to parenthood, teaching kids nowadays is kinda hard. kids are more critical than before. we have to be extra careful with what we said, what we did, and what we told them to do. the first thing to have as parents is the solid ground of faith. if we didn't base our daily habits according to God's, our children will follow us, aware or not. so we have to teach them to know God and to live accordingly to His words. other things that we should note about parenthood: discipline, education plan, being a role model, and stuff. it's kinda a lot to digest in one time, so probably we should discuss it further. but our counselor thought that we will be ready for parenthood, since both of us came from good family, and we got the best examples from our parents, so they're not worry about it. probably, the best way so far in parenting is to adopt the good from our parents and combine it with our style and today's situation. and involve God. pheww.. i guess parenthood will always be a scary part.

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