Friday, January 16, 2015

my second pregnancy

hi guys.. i know it's been too long since i wrote a post. i've been taking care of my other blogs plus i have no idea what to write on this blog, and i'm still not in the mood to finish my new zealand's trip review.. so i stopped writing here for awhile. while i'm gone, i've been finishing my graduate school, thankfully on time, well..  a little bit late, but it's on time, since i've discovered that i'm pregnant with my second child on my way to thesis exam.

i've told no one about my pregnancy, so i was a bit surprised when i was asked if i'm healthy on my exam. i thought my examiner talked about my pregnancy, but then i realized that it's all about my general well being. hahaa... silly me.. anyway, when it's time for my convocation, i was 5 month pregnant. luckily, my bump is not that big so i can still wear a loose kebaya. hahaha..

soo.. i want to talk about my second pregnancy. since i have no problem with my first pregnancy, i thought that this one will be the same. i even could work until few days before the delivery. i have no complaints besides some fatigue, nausea and backache at the beginning of my first pregnancy. but my second pregnancy is another whole story. at first, no complaints since i was busy preparing my thesis. i thought the fatigue, flu and nausea is caused by stress. but then after finding out that i was pregnant, i believed it was caused by the pregnancy. but then i kept doing my activity as usual. but i noticed that my feet got swollen easily if i was sitting or standing for too long. and then i also got dizziness and even almost blackout when standing for a long time. which is weird for me. my sisters both are the blackouts type.. but not me. during school days, i never passed out. but somehow now i'm very easy to get dizzy. and the nausea. well, luckily i just lost my appetite, not with vomiting.. but i love to eat. so somehow it tortured me.

and talking about appetite, suddenly i experienced different kind of appetite. with my first pregnancy, i kept eating the food that i like before pregnant, and dislike food that i dislike before pregnant. but now, somehow i'm fond into instant food, sushi and snacks. like burgers, chips, cafe menu.. and lately bubble tea. most of them i dislike before being pregnant, but my husband loved instant food, so i guess probably the baby's taking his father appetite. and i experienced cravings now, which is something that i didn't experience with my first pregnancy. and i'm especially crazy toward makeup and all those beauty-related things.

since i have difficulty in eating, i didn't gain weight as much as my first pregnancy. for my first trimester i even lost a kilo. i had difficulty gaining weight on my first pregnancy. with crazy eating, i only managed to gain a kilo a month. but now... no weight gain for first trimester, and still a kilo a month after 4 month pregnancy. but in the last trimester, somehow my bump grew larger instantly. hahaha.. pretty weird, and it gave me a lot of pain. back pain, ligament pain. ohhh... and don't forget the reflux. it came early this time. with my first pregnancy, i didn't experience heartburn up until last trimester, but now, even at 5 month, i've already experienced heartburn. bummer...

and talking about those pains, i do exercise regularly now. at my first pregnancy, i do my pregnancy pilates or yoga when i remembered. but now, since i've realized it's pretty important to keep active, i do it more regularly, but somehow the pain kept coming and it made me lazy to exercise. ha! quite contrary. and sleep is getting harder these days. i know that pregnancy can cause difficulty in sleeping, but on my first pregnancy, i didn't experience any trouble in sleeping, so i was quite surprised when i couldn't sleep up until 1 am in the morning.. and my bump is not that big! so i was wondering why. so i guess no pregnancy is the same. oh and if you've been curious, we're having a girl this time.. lucky me! yey! soooo.. with only a few weeks to go, i hope everything will go smoothly with all the preparation, and the delivery will be as smooth as the first one, and both mom and baby are healthy. until then...