Sunday, April 17, 2011

note for ever after

since i'm half year away from getting married, i'm in premarital counseling right now. 2 weeks ago, we discussed about the basic of marriage and the purpose of getting married. so.. i guess i'm going to blog it, since perhaps i'll forget it (actually.. i kinda forget the 2 weeks ago lesson already..hahaa..)
- the purpose of getting married is not to be happy, but to make our spouse happy
 --> the biggest rival of marital problems is our ego. if we wanted to be happy and hoped that our spouse could make us happy, then think again. the only way we could be happy is by making our spouse happy first. just like the golden rule, do to others as you want it happen unto you.
- people are not perfect, that's why we have to learn to compromise. and don't demand and don't held grudges
--> it's better to talk about our goal and dream with our partner so we could have the same vision. and people might not chance.. so we have to compromise sometimes. that's why don't demand.. because we might disappointed if it weren't fulfilled.
- involve God in every aspect
--> be closer to God not only as a person but also as a couple. involving God also let God to reign over "i" inside us. and like Jeffrey Rahmat said, by being closer to God, we also get closer to our spose as well
okay.. i don't quite remember the other stuff.. but as soon as i remember it, i'll blog it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

one hell of a journey

if i might started, i should start with God is amazing. this year is pretty stressing for me. wedding preparation and school preparation. pretty complicated. thank God there's an EO to handle the wedding prep, so it's my job to handle the other. but problems keep showing up. mulai dr pengurusan penundaan PTT yg bermasalah yg berujung kemungkinan aku hrs cari cara laen atau malah batal daftar. sampe akhirnya ttp nekat daftar dan ternyata persyaratannya beda. begh..blm lagi nyari rekom. OMG.. aku mo mati kutu pas kudu nyari rekom. nyari ke mana coba?? dan waktunya udah mepet, ya udah deh. pasrah aja.

berhubung ini ujian yg diniati, aku males dong jaga as usual. isa mati berdiri aku. akhirnya jaganya nyante, cm jaga hotel doang. tp still... ini bahan banyak amat. dan mungkin otakku jg udah sedikit atrofi kali ya.. makanya ga masuk2 ini bahan. but thank God, pas TOEFL ternyata nilaiku lmyn apik..hehee.. tembus target bahkan lebih.. yuhuii.. jd bikin pede aja. abis gt mulai deh serangkaian ujian itu dimulai. diawali ama TPA dan bahasa inggris. buset dah.. soal TPAnya aneh2. untung itung2annya ga banyak. ga kyk di buku yg takcoba ngerjain. tp tetep ajaaa.. itung2an.. oh noooo. hahahaa... trus bahasa inggrisnya takkira kyk TOEFL beneran gitu.. tp ternyata ndak. serupa tapi tak sama. abis gt bsknya disambung psikotes.

psikotesnya jg ruwet. yg milih2 gambar itu udah waktunya cueeepppeetttt banget dan aneh2. ampe mata kicer kayaknya ngeliatin mana yg ga sama. abis gt ada pertanyaan yg ttg sifat2 kita itu. dan yg terakhir yg paling ruwet adalah gambar menggambar. alamak.. terakhir kali latihan gambar kapan coba? TK?? SD?? oh ndak se.. SMA kan ada.. hehehe.. tp gambar pake penggaris. lha ini? disuruh nggambar pohon berkambium, disuruh ngasi nama trus ada larangannya ga boleh gambar pohon apa aja. abis gitu disuruh gambar orang. untung deh kalo yg kedua ini. paling ndak lumayan lah berbentuk orang, masio ga mirip siapa2..hehehee..

buyar psikotes kita diwawancara ama psikolog. ditny2i basic questions gitu. knp kok milih prodi itu, dll dsb. pretty simple, but pretty scary. this is like preliminary interview. last interview i had was to apply for a job. so i'm pretty nervous. i don't know what my profile will be according to her. but i tried to be honest in answering her questions. so.. this interview ends the first part of my journey. the second part is the hardest one.

tes tulis di bagian. ada kuesioner 15 mnt ttg data diri, plus yg terakhir disuruh buat karang separo folio ttg pengalaman kita selama jd dokter atau SKed. i just think that i'm blogging, but the difference is, i have to write it, not to type it like usual. lumayan pegel, tp lancar jaya utk yg ini, even though we have to write in English. the second part is to translate a journal. ini jg megelin, krn nulisnya itu lo. i wish we could type it, and i'm pretty sure i will do it faster than writing it. tp lumayan lah.. kan yg penting terjemahannya, bukan seberapa banyaknya. the third part is the theory test. ada esai, multiple choice, bahkan ada yg kayak soal SPMB dulu. beggghhhhh...soalnya susaaaahhhh banget. masio udah baca braunwald's review and assessment, ttp aja...lupa kan jawabannya apa. apalg ga semua persis gitu. ada yg diubah2. oh nooo.. baru kerja bbrp nomer aja perutku udah krucuk2. hiks.. bener2 que sera sera aja deh..

the last part is the interview. for me, it is this day. pengujinya jg ga dateng satu. tp lmyn serem. pas bagian ditny teori, yg laen ditny ttg PJK ato HF..ehh.. pas giliranku ditny ttg cardiovascular disease. haiss. mulai dari mana coba??? aku bener2 mati kutu deh. abis gitu ditny2 soal pribadi, mulai dari prestasi, kenapa milih jantung, trus penelitian, rencana ke depan ama sumber biaya. pas tau lek mo merit, ditny calon suami kerjanya apa. pas aku jwb PBF, spontan Prof. R nyeletuk " kok nemuuuu ae.." hehehe.. seandainya profnya tau cara kita ketemu, beliau bakal lebih geleng2 kepala lagi.. hehehee.. yg pamungkas itu dr. Agus, nanya siap ga kalo ga diterima. ya berharap diterima pasti udah hrs siap jg kalo ditolak. dan pas ditny trus mo ngapain, takjwb aja.. "masih ada periode dpn dok.. " hehehehee...

hopefully.. but whatever will be, i'm sure everything is His plan. He's the one that opens my way so i can apply for this period. i'm sure He's already has the right answer for me, the right plan on the right time.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

too young

it happens just a day after my 26th birthday. we got an oncall patient from Shangrila. it's a guy compalining about rash and itch that he's been suffering since yesterday. so when i got there, he was on his way back to his room. since i was wearing my white coat, he knew that i'm the doctor. while he was opening his door, he asked me again, " are you the doctor?" and when i nodded, he replied "too young.." i said, " looks young"

OMG...i'm just getting older the day before and he said that i'm too young? oh damn.. probably those anti-aging factories should find me, and probably i could be their best model. looking young without anything!

but couple days ago, when i waited for the psycho test interview, we exchanged stories with other candidates. i was so relieved when i found out that it's not only me that get underestimated. kakak kelasku itu cewe berjilbab yg tampangnya cukup keibuan menurutku, dan dia bilang bahkan dia sendiri masih diragukan kalau dia itu dokternya. wow..that's a relief! padahal aku sudah sering berusaha tampak dewasa pas menghadapi pasien2 itu, tp mukaku ttp kelihatan kayak anak SMA. *sigh* some says it's an advantage, but in my case, it's a disadvantage. but somehow, knowing that others also struggle with their appearance, it brings me relief.

wed tips

ahh..many people said that there will be a lot of quarrels and disagreements. i kinda find out it to be true, but in my case, it's not that bad. so, i guess, i'll share mine. the first and most important thing is : just choose one head to lead all the preparations. i guess being clueless is an advantage. i think most disagreements results from two heads trying to force each desire to be true. so i guess, one must give in and cooperate. in my case it's easy, since i have no dream about getting married, i also don't know what to expect in my party. i don;t know what the decorations will be. what theme. what colors . (especially that.. since i'm color freak.) soo...thankfully, my groom to be had a theme in his mind. and everything process from that idea. only ONE idea. not combination between two ideas. even though i get to say "yes and no", but since mostly it's his, so everything is easier. all i do is just sit there and listen, and then interrupted when i disagree.

so people, the way to minimize disagreement is to have one door policy. it applies for everything. even in family. he asked about what his family wants, and then after getting one idea from his family, we combine it with my family' idea. far, it's the best strategies. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

diary of a doc bride

actually it's kinda late to start this "diary of a mad bride" blog..but better late than never... i guess..

i've heard that during the preparations, it's normal to be a freaking-mad bride. but since i'm no normal girl, i don't grow up dreaming to be a bride someday. i never imagine i will try the white gown. i never imagine to be married..but here i am. so thank God i have a substitute for this madness. i mean, since the bride have no idea at all about a wedding party, thankfully my husband-to-be is the one that has dream about the wedding dream. yep..this time it's the groom that dreamt about walking down the aisle, not the bride, hahaha..

so, the first thing is setting the date. since we think everyday is a good day, so we just set the month due to weather consideration. the next on the list is getting the venue. since we've already been late in deciding the date, so we had to compromise. we want the Saturday, so we looked for the venue that is available during the first Saturday. after deciding the place, the next plan is getting an EO, since we don't want to  troubled with the preparations. we just said what we wanted about the wedding, and then it's their job to fill in the blanks. so we have to find an EO that could work efficiently and do almost everything for us without disturbing us.

since the first three important things on our list has been decided, we started to fill in the blnaks. wedding gown and bridal gown, MC, contributing artists, bands, decoration, video and photo, invitations, even the souvenir. even though not all has been decided, but most of it has been decided. so i guess it's pretty good since we've just been slightly behind schedule. now it's only the little details to be discussed.

sooo... i guess probably i won't be the mad bride, but who knows? it's just the beginning.