Thursday, May 30, 2013

Book review : Purity in Death

This is another book from "in death" series. This is the 15th book in this series.

the first victim was a drug dealer. he was no ordinary drug dealer since he chose to deal to elementary students. and it started with his headache. he was mad because of his headache, and then he started to go nuts. he beat his neighbor's boyfriend to death and almost hit his neighbor too. but unfortunately, another police office was nearby, and the police officer decided to step in and threw some shots and ended his life. the weird thing happened when eve started to investigate. one of the strangest thing was the text written in his computer was "absolute purity achieved". and it wasn't all. the cause of death was heart attack, which was strange.

the second victim was a police office from DDE. he was investigating the first victim's computer when he went nuts. he started to act crazy. and he almost killed eve and another partner from DDE, McNab. eve was okay, but McNab got hit and almost became paralyzed for the rest of his life. eve wanted to save him, but unfortunately, what killed the first victim also killed him. his brain was swollen and then bum! it exploded. a police officer died.

and it wasn't all. another victim was died. he was another culprit in the community. he was a pedophile. and he slit his own throat. to death. and the bread started to crumble. eve found out that his previous victim was a boy. and the boy decided to kill himself. and it was devastating to his family, especially his father. and also the boy's social officer. and eve was suspicious that something has to do with the father's boy.

but it wasn't all. the killer sent message to public via nadine frost, eve's friend whom was also a news reporter. the killer claimed that they were just "cleaning" the community, by killing bad people. they justified themselves for killing them. saying the community were cleaner without them. and then another victim was killed again. this time was a woman. with bad record too. and there was a note also in her laptop,"absolute purity achieved". eve had to be quick or another one would be dead too. but she seemed facing dead end.

while eve was investigating the cases, roarke and his little team were working to find anything on the first victim's laptop. and slowly, the case was open. eve met with the detective that worked the rape case conflicting the third victim. and his wife was the social officer. and eve had her suspicious about that couple, but she couldn't find any more proof to find the truth. another pressure on eve came from the higher authorities, who was the major and the vice major of nyc.

in short, eve later found out that there was a connection between the suspect, the family from the rape victim's case and also higher authorities which demanded her to make move smartly or she would lose the case. at last, eve could catch all the members from so called "purity group" and held them responsible for several murder cases. moral behind this book: even though you were the victim from justice system, it didn't mean that you could play judge yourself, no matter how high your position in society.