Tuesday, May 20, 2014

food review: bakerzin

first of all, before starting this review, i'd like to apologize since i forgot to take any picture. on first visit, it was just me and my son, so i can't take more picture when he's on my lap. second visit, we were quite hungry and just straight eating without taking any picture first. soo.. hopefully you can imagine it or better, just go there and have a visit yourself.

bakerzin is a cafe type eating place, when you can eat and enjoy yourself. though it's a cafe type, they have pretty wide range of food. from appetizer, pasta, meat, asian choices (yes, it means rice), and a lot.. yes, A LOT type of deserts. okay, i'll break it down according to my visit.

1st visit: i was with my son, so i ordered something that both of us could eat, plus a desert. that time i was in depression that i need something to cheer me up. plus i just had my wage after a year off, so a little celebration wouldn't hurt. so i ordered penne with bacon and smoked beef and profiteroles for desert. first of all when i got the pasta, the portion was huge. okay, it's bigger than any other restaurant that sells pasta. it's even a little bit too much even though i shared it with my son. beside the portion, they also gave a generous portion of the meat. usually, other restaurants will give you more pasta than meat, but here, the portion between meat and pasta are almost equal.

since it was a lot pasta, i was almost full when the profiteroles arrived. my son was full too.. he only asked for a couple spoons of ice cream, and that was it. he said "i don't want more ice cream, mommy.." listening that from a nearly 2 yo was pretty odd. hahaha.. the profiteroles was okay, and i should remind you that the portion was big too. three puffs with a scoop of ice cream each. so it was a satisfying lunch for a desperate soul. i was so happy that i bragged about it in front of my husband and it got him curious to try bakerzin again in another mall.

2nd visit: my husband ordered veal and pesto spaghetti, and i ordered 2 deserts, yes... not one, but two. first was a sumatra cake and the other was a warm cake. the spaghetti was satisfying in portion too, though it was a little salty for our taste. the veal was also a bit dry. and it was too oily. probably from the olive oil. but the desert was another story. sumatra was basically a layer cake. it was a chocolate cake, layered with chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse, and topped with chocolate ganache. the chocolate was rich but not too overpowering. de-li-cious...
the warm cake was a molten cake, on top of candied orange. on top of molten cake was vanilla ice cream, and there was raspberry coulis too. overall, they were perfect combination, except for the orange. it was too sour. the molten cake oozed out as soon as i cut it and it melted the vanilla ice cream so richness of the chocolate combined with the sweetness of vanilla ice cream and the freshness of raspberry coulis. the raspberry was sweet and sour, and the acidity was just right. hmmm.. i could eat that all day... so far i can only make a molten cake, and it was too bitter alone. i guess a vanilla ice cream and a coulis is what it needs.