Wednesday, July 31, 2013

food review : pork-kee

pork kee was located on hr muhammad, pretty close to leko. like its name, pork kee was a pork specialist restaurant. so, if you were moslem, you might want to skip this one. if you have ever been to bali and tried nuri's steak, pork kee was a dupe for nuri's. everything from the menu was a copy from nuri's. but, the portion was smaller than nuri's. and of course, nuri's tasted better. but if you had cravings for nuri's, this might be your best option in surabaya.

i forgot what i ate there, but i was sure my husband chose the pork ribs. he said that it was okay, but nuri's was way better. my mom and dad tried their baikut sayur asin, and it was a bit salty for their taste, but it was okay. overall, if you wanted nuri's so bad, you should try it.

Friday, July 26, 2013

it's been a year already

fiuh.. it's been a year already! i almost finished my "magang", and a lot happened.i understood more about hospital management and stuff. but i also had to acknowledged some help from my classmates and hospital staffs. without them i wouldn't be able to finish all the tasks.

at first, i was desperate, knowing that i was 3 months behind due to my maternal leave. i didn't know anything about what to looked for and what to write on the report. i asked some friends, and i begged for their report so i could learn about it, and i had some clue. at least, i knew what to looked for, and i studied fast. every hospitals had their own policy, so i had to learn the best way to persuade them, and gained benefits for me and for the hospital. and the first seminar was a shock therapy for me. though my lecturer said it was okay, but i still couldn't understand it all. i still haven't understand all the laws about hospital. and even though i searched the internet, i seemed couldn't find the right keyword to find it.

so, i thought, hey.. why i didn't ask my classmates? most of them had worked at the hospital for quite some time, so probably they knew a thing or two about the rules and regulations. and so i did. i asked mas aris about nursing management, i asked bu anna about medical record regulations, and i always asked nico for help. hahaa.. i did use all the resource i could get on hand so i could finish my report quickly.

and here i am, at my last report. i hoped i could finish it on time, so i could focus about residency report and my thesis. and luckily, i could graduate on time

Saturday, July 20, 2013

food review : tong-tong

let's jump to tong-tong!! this is a japanese restaurant. and i loooovvveee their cha siu wang tang men. when i first visited this place, the food portion was way too much for me, but right now, since they divided the portion to small and medium, i could eat up the medium size! was it my stomach that got bigger? anyway, tong-tong especially served ramen and don menu, but they also had katsu and other fried stuff. but no bento here. they also had fried rice and fried noodle, but in japanese taste.

i've said earlier that my favorite was cha siu wang tang men. it was like a wonton noodle in chinese restaurant. they came in two options, shoyu (soy sauce) or shio (salt). i always chose shoyu. sometimes i also ate their chicken katsu don. my brother always ordered tempura don. mom chose corn ramen. my husband once tried their fried noodles. for me, it was okay, but for him, it was weird. mostly because he was not so fond of japanese food. what made tong-tong different from other japanese restaurant was because it was kept original by its owner. my husband told me that in japanese, the ramen was taste like that. so, hopefully when i got the chance to go to japan, i could eat all their food.

let's talk about cha siu wang tang men. like i told you before, it was like a wonton noodle soup. usually i ordered no vegetables. beside noodles, there were a few wonton, some pork ham slices, and half of hard boiled egg. for me, it was a comfortable food when i was down or sick. yesterday, my husband bought me 2 medium, but since we still had the soup left, this morning we tried to recreate it. and it really tasted like the original. i wished i could know what was inside the soup.. then i could recreate the whole dish.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

food review : stevan meat shop

close to vinette and pisa cafe, there was stevan meat shop. another western food. actually, this was a meat shop plus restaurant. so you got to pick the meat you wanted, then you could take it home and cooked it yourself or you could asked them to cook it for you and ate there. we ate them twice. on our first visit, i picked tenderloin (i forgot the kind of the meat, angus or NZ or etc), and my husband chose pork ribs. both were okay. mine was juicy and tender. unfortunately, i chose to take mine on plate, not on hot stone. i figured out later that on hot stone was better. the price was pricey for steak. they also didn't include the side dish like french fries and salad. you had to pay separately for the side dish. so i didn't order any. but they served a basket of mini rolls bun for free. my son was very fond of those buns. at his first visit, he could eat two of them! he was just less than a year back then.

on our second visit, it was my mom's birthday. now i chose rib eye (again.. i forgot the kind of the meat), my brother picked tenderloin, my mother chose chicken steak. i forgot what my husband and my father's choice. now i chose the hot stone. they even offered to cook the steak on hot stone at serving time. so it was another entertainment for us. watching the waiter to cook my steak on our table, smelling the delicious aroma coming from the steak. and it was very delicious. though it was fatty also. but i didn't eat it. everybody was pleased with their order except my mum. poor mom, they cooked the entire chicken, and it was fat-less. so it came out dry. next time i'll try to remember not to order her chicken, but salmon instead. overall, for that price, it was worth it for the steak. we would try them again.. if we had more money..ahahha..

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

food review : vinnette

next to pisa cafe was vinnette. it was also a western cuisine. their specialty was their escargot, but since my husband didn't like weird stuff like that, i couldn't try it. it was also in a cafe setting, like in paris. i didn't remember which menu that we picked, but i remembered we ordered steaks. for my husband, it was too salty for his taste. but for me it was fine. the meat was juicy and tender. but it was true, at the end, it was too salty for me too. but overall, for that  price, it was pricey. probably we should just try their escargot. after all, many people went back there for the escargot, so it should be very delicious.

i forgot what we had for desert. but desert would always be desert. i guessed i didn't complain much about desert. so if you fond of western food, and wanted to try something new, like escargot, you could eat here. by the way, if you were curious about angus house, i thought the taste were quite similar for the steak. so, if you wanted to know what angus' steak would taste like, you should try vinette's for half price.

Monday, July 15, 2013

food review : pisa cafe

i had this conversation with another doctor in my hospital, he was back from his duty from sumba. and he was trying to catch up metropolis life. he asked about food and malls, all about metropolis lifestyle, and i just realized, i never did a food review. so i just tried to start it now.

pisa cafe was located in the east and west surabaya. since i lived in west surabaya, i reviewed the one in the boulevard area. it was a nice setting, really a cafe setting. at the second floor, they even opened the veranda so you could eat outdoor. if surabaya's weather was not so hot, it was a good idea. sitting in the veranda, eating and drinking a cup of coffee or just enjoying your gelato. but if it's hot, it was not a good idea being there. cafe pisa was located on the side of a main road, so there always a busy traffic in front of the cafe. and you could imagine the smoke from all vehicles carried by the wind to the veranda. not a good idea to eat outside.

about the food. mainly it was a italian cuisine, but they slipped some indonesian or chinese or another asian cuisine just in case the visitor didn't like italian cuisine. i only tried their pasta, but my brother warned me not to order their one meter pizza. though they advertised it like it was their specialty, it turned out bad. i always liked their alfredo pasta. for me, it was a comfort food, something that could fulfill my western crave. their pizza was like an italian standard pizza. it wasn't big, so don't imagine it was like pizza hut. the bread was very thin, and the topping was not as much as pizza hut's. it was a italian pizza by the book. thin crust and minimal topping. my brother tried their calzone and he said it was good.

recommended for young couple, italian cuisine lover. and gelato lover. their gelato was delicious. and many flavors to pick from. not for family reunion, but i often saw a birthday party or a small group reunion there.