Friday, July 26, 2013

it's been a year already

fiuh.. it's been a year already! i almost finished my "magang", and a lot happened.i understood more about hospital management and stuff. but i also had to acknowledged some help from my classmates and hospital staffs. without them i wouldn't be able to finish all the tasks.

at first, i was desperate, knowing that i was 3 months behind due to my maternal leave. i didn't know anything about what to looked for and what to write on the report. i asked some friends, and i begged for their report so i could learn about it, and i had some clue. at least, i knew what to looked for, and i studied fast. every hospitals had their own policy, so i had to learn the best way to persuade them, and gained benefits for me and for the hospital. and the first seminar was a shock therapy for me. though my lecturer said it was okay, but i still couldn't understand it all. i still haven't understand all the laws about hospital. and even though i searched the internet, i seemed couldn't find the right keyword to find it.

so, i thought, hey.. why i didn't ask my classmates? most of them had worked at the hospital for quite some time, so probably they knew a thing or two about the rules and regulations. and so i did. i asked mas aris about nursing management, i asked bu anna about medical record regulations, and i always asked nico for help. hahaa.. i did use all the resource i could get on hand so i could finish my report quickly.

and here i am, at my last report. i hoped i could finish it on time, so i could focus about residency report and my thesis. and luckily, i could graduate on time

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