Sunday, April 14, 2013

Book review : Portrait in Death (JD Robb)

actually, i was planning to review all my books, but my husband just laughed at that thought. yeah, i admit, i had to read all my books all over before i could review it since i was sooooo forgetful. so, now i had spare time and i didn't want to study.. so i guess i would review this book i've just finished reading.

the series "in death" was telling a story about a NYSPD homicide detective named Eve Dallas. She and his husband became a central role in the series. about their love life and Eve's career as police vs Roarke's past as a criminal. and portrait in death was the 16th books in this series.

this book told us about a murder who sent pictures of young woman to a reporter, whom also Dallas' friend, Nadine. the pictures captured the young woman as a calm and peaceful woman. but turned out the picture was taken after the woman had died. as the investigation proceed, eve found out that the victim had connection with two places, one was a data club named "make the scene", and the other was to a professional photographer who had a studio named "portography".

the second victim was a dancer. and the connection to "portography" was quite clear. the dancer had his photo taken for his school at that place and by the same photographer. while the first victim was caught by lens by accident. she was in a wedding party, and the photographer thought she had this unique face so he captured her quietly. like candid. but eve had this feeling that the photographer had nothing to do with the murder. instead, she had suspicion that one of the photographer's former assistant was the real killer. but she didn't found the connection to the data club.

and the third victim was very dear to one of eve's colleague. and with all the help from roarke and her team, she could find the culprit. he was very disturbed since his mother died. her mother was a nurse and suffered from a cancer. she finally died but he was still in denial. he also amazed by another famous photographer whom was famous for his "death" photography, so he decided to follow his path. and he believed that by murdering those people and capturing them after they died, he could save their "light" and made them eternal. and eve was racing with time, as the murderer took one of his team as the next victim. but in the end, she could save him just in time. and she could arrest the murderer.

meanwhile, roarke found something about his past. roarke finally learnt that a woman that he thought his mom until now was not his real mother. his real mother probably was murdered by his father. and roarke was shaken by this truth. he almost shut himself from eve, trying to digest the new news, but then he realized that as husband and wife, he should share it with her. and he decided to go back to ireland, and found out about the truth. he hunted the man whom once was his father's friend and scared him to spit out the truth. and after finding the truth, roarke gathered himself and went to see his long-gone family. he met with his aunt, who was his mother's twin sister, and his uncle and all his cousins. and to his surprise, eve made time to fly to ireland to be by his side while she was still in the middle of the investigation.

so, even though eve was still digesting about mavis' pregnancy, annoyed since summerset's vacation was put on hold since he was injured.. but at the end, it was all fine. eve finally could accept her future baptist baby, and summerset was finally gone on vacation.

Friday, April 12, 2013

my new toy

ahha.. i have been complaining about my shoulder stiffness for ages to my husband. and lately, i realized that i got worse on weekend, which was totally explainable, since i only went to college on weekend. and i had to bring  my bag, and my laptop bag up to 3rd floor. for 3 days. even in hospital i had to bring it all around the hospital. and i realized my laptop was heavy. and i told him that. suddenly, he had a plan to buy me a new one. i always thought about netbook, small and compact. but he told me it was useless. it was even slower than mine. i would be mad trying to finish my task on that thing. so he had this crazy idea, since he was planning to go to japan, he browsed online and tried to buy me mocbook pro or air. ha! a big leap!
then we looked at shop here and i decided to buy macbook air 11". so he went to japan and searched for new/used one. turned out he found a perfectly used one. macbook air 11", core i7, memory 4 gb and 256 HHD SSD. ahhahaa.. and now i could enjoy this pretty baby.. since i had already moved all my files here.. allalalaalala.. hopefully it could help me with my study.