Wednesday, April 25, 2012

life's changing

probably i never mention that i'm pregnant already. so i guess i owe 7 months stories.

at first, finding out that i'm pregnant freaked us out. we haven't agreed on contraception method yet when we found out that i was pregnant. so honestly, it took us by surprise since we planned to postpone it. denial was in order, but it was no false alarm, i do pregnant, so i guess acceptance was next. yeah, we do stress at first although people around us were happy when they found out that i was pregnant. they were excited. and probably since they gave us positive response, acceptance was easy. but we're not the "so excited" type, so i guess after the announcement, we pretty much lived like usual. no special precaution's taken due to my pregnancy. i still worked like usual, and i didn't experience any cravings nor excessive vomiting. i did feel nauseous sometimes, but it was nothing i couldn't handle. i vomited couple times, but that was it.  i passed my first trimester pretty well. in fact, i'm not like any other pregnant women. i didn't show any bump, no nausea and vomiting, just a little fatigue. i even could still swim regularly. and went to thailand for new year. hahaa.. talking about anomalies..

second trimester, i did show some bump, but many people said that mine is considered little compared to others. i didn't gain much weight too.. i only gained one kilo per month.. ice cream? i had eaten it regularly, especially near my visit to my OG. but it didn't help much. but he said my baby was fine, his weight was suitable according his age. so i guess, i shouldn't worry much. and yep, i still worked as usual. since i had a pretty "small" bump, i could work just like normal person. but as my bump grew bigger, i couldn't bent as easily as before. oh, and gender war guess.. somehow i surprised at people's belief to predict baby's gender. some said that i was uglier than before, therefore, i will have a boy. some said if i still had my waist, i will have a boy. other predict a boy since my bump is growing in front more than to my side. and some said it will be a boy since i became more aware of my appearance than before (read: i put on some make up). so far, there were only 3 people that predicted i have a girl. but since technology are quite advanced nowadays, FYI, my baby is a boy according to the doctors. even my husband could guess it was his penis on the screen when the doctor did the sonogram. hahaha...

and now i'm in my last trimester. hoping everything will be just fine. since last visit, the doc said everything was fine, but his weight now become a problem. although the curve still in the safe mark, if he kept growing a little by a little, doc predicted that his weight might be lower than normal. he told me to eat more ice cream.. like i haven't done that.. hahaha.. well, i hope his weight will increasing in couple months.. *finger crossed* oh, and talking about life changing, i'm not only talking about having baby, but also about going back to school. yep, yesterday it was announced that i was accepted in MARS program. so after giving birth and 3 months off, i will be back to school. i'm thrilled and worried at the same time. especially about dividing time between studies and my baby. but i do hope everything will be just fine.