Wednesday, August 17, 2011

fairy godmother, give me a dress ..

last couple weeks, i was struggling to find the right wedding dress for me. last month, we've tried several dresses, and i was interested in this mermaid gown. but unfortunately, there were another couple that also interested in that dress. so since they chose it first, i have to wait for them to decide whether or not they'll take the dress. and the marketing assistant who helped me to choose my gown told me that there was another dress for me to try, but i have to wait since they were preparing it for shipping to Jakarta. and it was it. i have to wait until 2 weeks ago. since i have to wait, i asked around how to pick the right gown.

personally, i don't like those big gown and full of bling2 stuff, but if i chose too simple gown, my mother in law will be pissed since she wanted it to be awesome, since i have this huge hall where the party is held. but i wouldn't decline a wonderful dress if it makes me looks amazing. so i started asking questions. some vote for the mermaid dress, some vote for another dress. but couple of my dearest friend suggested me to try for another gown. try as many as i can.. but unfortunately, i'm the kind of person that's difficult to make a choice if there were many options to go.

so, since the assistant thought that i could try more, i postponed my decision and decided to wait and try some more. i asked here and there for advice and put it into mind. this is once in a lifetime choice, so i don't want to just listen to what everybody's saying, but i also don't want to push my ego and not listening to what tothers' saying. and most importantly, i begged God to give me the proper dress and the right one in the right time.

so here i am.. two weeks ago i tried some more, and although my heart's still favor that mermaid dress, i also like the dress that i have to wait from jakarta. i turned out to be a A-line ballgown one, but enough bling2 on the body part but just scattered pieces here and there on the dress. it fit me perfectly and it went well with the bolero that i tried. so since it's pretty time limit, we decided to go for the second dress. this one is all in one dress. it's a big ballgown and has enough bling that my mother in law fond of, but also a light dress that i fond of. my mom and my sisters think it's great, and my best friend couldn't agree more.

so for those in misery, here are my few tips:
1. try some types of gown first, the a-line, ballgown, mermaid, and decide which one complement your body type. try some different fabric too.. since you have to adjust the weight. tulle is lighter than sateen. so try which one you can bear since you have to wear it all day long. and asked the expert which one that complement you, since they are the expert, what they say are probably true. which color to go is also important since you have to synchronize it with the decoration and the theme of your party.
2. try some more and take pictures. ask advice and comments from your dearest one! your husband might be clueless about fashion, but males has some sense too when it comes to our appearance. they can help you choose since he can see which one that make you shine! and don't forget about your family and friends. just sample some of your closest friend and ask their opinion.
3. put into consideration where your party will be held. although i like simple dress, but since i have a huge ballroom for my party, it's a big no-no for no train dress since people might having difficulty to spot you in that huge room. if you're having an outdoor party, a simple one is the best option for you.
4. don't just think that you have to be shiny.. those tiny jewels and crystals sewed into the gown will increased the gown's weight. and it's killing me! that's why i don't like too much bling2.
5. if you wanted to wear a bolero, try it also when you try your dress. some neckline don't complement with bolero. so be careful!
so....happy playing gown girls! believe me, although it's stressing, but i do like trying different gowns. although i am clueless at first, but trying more and more make me know which one that i like and which one that i resent. i like the feeling of being a princess for one day. and put into your mind, whatever gown you choose, you will be a rockstar on that day!

Friday, August 12, 2011

untold stories

twitter really makes me lazy to write. i can't believe i haven't written about the last baksos i had. social charity like that almost always crush my heart as i know there are so many people in need but they don't have the money to get the medical care they needed. it's so sad.. and i stumble upon this old man. he was coming alone, with his eyes already deteriorating. but he still could walk slowly and steady. he complained about the itch on his back which he's had it for almost years. when i pulled up his shirt and looked at his back, i was confused. his back is covered with crust and i don't know what the hell it was. it seems like it had been going on several stages. forming vesicles and then burst and dried up, and it was forming vesicles again. and it happened again and again. as if like he's having a pile of roof on his back. pretty scary, and i have no idea what he's having. and neither valen nor andre, whom sitting next to me at the baksos. the only suggestion was giving him something to ease the itch and have him back to the puskesmas and get the referral to RSUDS.

if only i had the information to know what he's having.. and if only i knew the cure. the worst part is, when i suggested him to go to the puskesmas, he told me that he had no one to accompany him anywhere. i have no idea how he could be there. *sigh* this is the irony of this country. people could live in splurge while other live in suffering. hmmpphhh..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

politics here and there

huff..pretty hectic month.. gotta finish the invitation list, gotta choose the wedding gown..and so much more. but the most annoying part is my PTT troubles. the head of the organization turned out to be a "not so kind" person. he's trying to be nice and holy, but the fact is people get pissed by him. and the fact is, i'm kinda pessimist that he'll sign my letters. it's been in his hand for almost a month and no news. pretty disappointing. what kind of support if he's reluctant to sign the papers right away? puff... too much politics around the clinics. the working climate is not conducive anymore. i've decided if he didn't sign it, then heck with it. i'm better off without it. if He allows me to be a resident, then He'll show the way to make me one.

the more exciting part is choosing a honeymoon destination. so far i couldn't change Bali from his mind, but we keep another option open. what do you guys think? Manado or New Zealand? hmm.. in other hand i would love to experience diving.. but in other hand, New Zealand pretty attractive.. the scenery.. hopefully it's peaceful and has nice weather.. ,not like here. humpfff... let's see how much it will cost.. so, good luck for all of us. the clock is ticking. two months from now people...