Friday, August 12, 2011

untold stories

twitter really makes me lazy to write. i can't believe i haven't written about the last baksos i had. social charity like that almost always crush my heart as i know there are so many people in need but they don't have the money to get the medical care they needed. it's so sad.. and i stumble upon this old man. he was coming alone, with his eyes already deteriorating. but he still could walk slowly and steady. he complained about the itch on his back which he's had it for almost years. when i pulled up his shirt and looked at his back, i was confused. his back is covered with crust and i don't know what the hell it was. it seems like it had been going on several stages. forming vesicles and then burst and dried up, and it was forming vesicles again. and it happened again and again. as if like he's having a pile of roof on his back. pretty scary, and i have no idea what he's having. and neither valen nor andre, whom sitting next to me at the baksos. the only suggestion was giving him something to ease the itch and have him back to the puskesmas and get the referral to RSUDS.

if only i had the information to know what he's having.. and if only i knew the cure. the worst part is, when i suggested him to go to the puskesmas, he told me that he had no one to accompany him anywhere. i have no idea how he could be there. *sigh* this is the irony of this country. people could live in splurge while other live in suffering. hmmpphhh..

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