Wednesday, August 10, 2011

politics here and there

huff..pretty hectic month.. gotta finish the invitation list, gotta choose the wedding gown..and so much more. but the most annoying part is my PTT troubles. the head of the organization turned out to be a "not so kind" person. he's trying to be nice and holy, but the fact is people get pissed by him. and the fact is, i'm kinda pessimist that he'll sign my letters. it's been in his hand for almost a month and no news. pretty disappointing. what kind of support if he's reluctant to sign the papers right away? puff... too much politics around the clinics. the working climate is not conducive anymore. i've decided if he didn't sign it, then heck with it. i'm better off without it. if He allows me to be a resident, then He'll show the way to make me one.

the more exciting part is choosing a honeymoon destination. so far i couldn't change Bali from his mind, but we keep another option open. what do you guys think? Manado or New Zealand? hmm.. in other hand i would love to experience diving.. but in other hand, New Zealand pretty attractive.. the scenery.. hopefully it's peaceful and has nice weather.. ,not like here. humpfff... let's see how much it will cost.. so, good luck for all of us. the clock is ticking. two months from now people...

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