Wednesday, July 20, 2011

counting the days

just today it slipped my mind
we're all laughing and talking, keep on drinking and eating
talking about the past, talking about today, talking about the future we should have someday
talking about our dreams, about our expectations
with no worries, with no hesitation
we seems fighting the time, refusing to age
but then time do flies
yesterday, we might be a little kid
and then without even realize it, we've graduated from college and started to live as an adult
and now, as life cycle, we started to make family ourselves

we met new guy, we date, we broke off
we started a new relationship again and then we decided that we've found the meaning of life
we've been engaged and then getting married
without even realize it my friend, we, who refused to age, started to grow up
we grew up by nature, by the force of nature
we are becoming an adult
and it hit me today

couple months from now, i'll be someone's wife
and then i have to be responsible not just for my life, but also for someone's else
we grow up my friend
we grow up and there's nothing we can do about it
just live your life!

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