Tuesday, July 16, 2013

food review : vinnette

next to pisa cafe was vinnette. it was also a western cuisine. their specialty was their escargot, but since my husband didn't like weird stuff like that, i couldn't try it. it was also in a cafe setting, like in paris. i didn't remember which menu that we picked, but i remembered we ordered steaks. for my husband, it was too salty for his taste. but for me it was fine. the meat was juicy and tender. but it was true, at the end, it was too salty for me too. but overall, for that  price, it was pricey. probably we should just try their escargot. after all, many people went back there for the escargot, so it should be very delicious.

i forgot what we had for desert. but desert would always be desert. i guessed i didn't complain much about desert. so if you fond of western food, and wanted to try something new, like escargot, you could eat here. by the way, if you were curious about angus house, i thought the taste were quite similar for the steak. so, if you wanted to know what angus' steak would taste like, you should try vinette's for half price.


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