Wednesday, July 31, 2013

food review : pork-kee

pork kee was located on hr muhammad, pretty close to leko. like its name, pork kee was a pork specialist restaurant. so, if you were moslem, you might want to skip this one. if you have ever been to bali and tried nuri's steak, pork kee was a dupe for nuri's. everything from the menu was a copy from nuri's. but, the portion was smaller than nuri's. and of course, nuri's tasted better. but if you had cravings for nuri's, this might be your best option in surabaya.

i forgot what i ate there, but i was sure my husband chose the pork ribs. he said that it was okay, but nuri's was way better. my mom and dad tried their baikut sayur asin, and it was a bit salty for their taste, but it was okay. overall, if you wanted nuri's so bad, you should try it.

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