Thursday, August 1, 2013

series review : person of interest

i was pretty bored lately.. and my series were still in waiting for their new season.. so i browsed to find a new interesting series. and then i found two that caught my eye, one was person of interest, and the other was elementary. i've just read person of interest only, so i didn't know anything yet about the later. and so far, i liked what i saw.

person of interest was a story about a former CIA agent and a geek who built a machine that could find terorist attack gonnabe. but the machine couldn't differentiate between a small crime and a big crime. so when a crime was about to happen, the machine would produce a number, a social number from the person who would be conflicted in a case. whether it was the victim's or the perpetrator's, the machine didn't know. so the geek teamed up with the former CIA agent to hunt down whoever got their number coming out from the machine.

and a lot happened. and so far i liked what i saw. it got me addicted to watch it. it was something new, the ideas, and no overrated drama. it was real life story, probably even real, but we didn't know it. i hoped the second season would be as interesting as the first.

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