Saturday, August 24, 2013

food review: bentoya

okay.. it's time to review japanese food again. for those who never tried japanese food, i suggested to try at bentoya. for me, it was friendly to indonesian's taste. and they had a pretty good food variation to offer, from bento, don, fried rice and noodles (in japanese term, yakimeshi and yakiramen/udon), and sushi-sashimi. they also had snow ice! let's review on by one.

bento: this was a complete package and a subtle one to try on your first japanese food trial. it was a lunch box consisted with rice, choice of your meat fried or grilled, and some side dish like salad. since the spices only in the meat, it was a pretty good start to try japanese. and most indonesian loved fried foods, so that's why i recommended bento.

fried rice/noodles : if you wanted a little bit more, probably fried rice/ noodles was the best choice. you got to taste the spices more, and find out about japanese style-fried rice/noodles. it might look like indonesian's fried rice/noodles, but trust me, they used their own soy sauce, so it tasted different.

ramen/udon soup: if you didn't like non soupy food, probably you would like to try their ramen/udon soup. personally, i never tried them, so i couldn't say anything about them. but my mom did, and she didn't like it. she liked tong-tong's ramen more. so.. try at your own risk.

don: this was another version of rice dish. it was rice cooked together with meat, egg and onions. i liked their chicken katsu don and chicken teriyaki don. my brother often ordered their tempura don. it just a matter of meat choice. for me, their katsu don was a comfort food for me. it was warm and satisfying.. yumm.. but if you didn't like onion too much, you could ask them to spare the onion. sometimes i did that too...

sushi and sashimi : well, sashimi wouldn't differ much from any other japanese restaurant, just in cutting process. but for sushi, bentoya sushi were totally indonesian-modified sushi. and i prefer their sushi before the last one. so, right now, i disliked their sushi. but for a beginner, they would find their sushi suitable for their taste. my recommendation: tokyo dome and superball. they still tasted the same from the first. but for other sushi, they've already changed.

okay... i think that's all. the other food was fried food, so i didn't need to review them.

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