Tuesday, August 20, 2013

food review : beef gourmet

steak lovers.. prepare yourself. i have eaten in stevan meat shop for 2-3 times, so i decided to persuade my husband to try beef gourmet. as beef gourmet was already there before stevan, and so many people said that their steaks was yummy, so i wanted to make sure myself.

like stevan, the restaurant had a small supermarket inside, especially for meat, poultry, seafood, and the other food products. the minimarket was bigger and more complete than stevan's, so if you only wanted to buy some meat and didn't want to eat there, i suggested you go there instead of stevan. they had more choices to picked from. and as for the restaurant, they were side by side with the minimarket, and it was decorated with pictures mostly from musical department, not only international musicians, but also some domestic musicians.

at stevan, i didn't order anything beside steak, but at beef gourmet, i tried their pasta carbonara. sorry i didn't take any picture because my son was running around and already starving when they served the pasta. it was a decent portion of pasta, with salad on the side and a pretty big garlic bread. my son loved their garlic bread. but i hated the salad. it tasted like raw vegetables. their dressings didn't help much. my husband ordered their rib eye steak. i forgot which kind.. , again. sorry.. but the meat was juicier at stevan's. perhaps because they cooked it on hot stone back in stevan, but they didn't have that option at beef gourmet. and the meat was a little bit salty for my taste.

if i wanted some pasta and other dishes, i would like to go back to beef gourmet, but for steak, i would definitely go back to stevan.

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