Tuesday, August 20, 2013

series review : elementary

this was another series that i found interesting to watch. since i had to wait for my ordinary series' new season to come, i decided to look for a new series. the other was person of interest, which i had blogged earlier. and this one was elementary. it was a new take for sherlock holmes.

holmes was still a british man in this series, but with previous drug addict history. that's why, he was accompanied by his famous companion, dr.watson. but here's the spin, the dr.watson was not a man, but a lady doctor. and she was a doctor, but now she worked as sober companion. hence, she could be holmes' companion due to her work as a sober companion thanks to holmes' father. together they consulted by the NYPD force, whose captain was a friend of holmes back in the scotland yard days. they solved homicide and many other mysteries with holmes ability to deduct things from surroundings. i was watching it as an ordinary detective series, that's why i was surprised they even dragged along irene adler and the notorious M aka moriarty along in this series. adler was holmes' girlfriend who was killed by moriarty. the plot didn't seem to change much from the ordinary series. but who would know? i just watched half of it. but it was a pretty interesting series to watch. especially if you like murder case and eccentric primary role like holmes. oh, i didn't recognize the main actor that played holmes, but i did know lucy liu who played joan watson.. how exciting!

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