Saturday, July 20, 2013

food review : tong-tong

let's jump to tong-tong!! this is a japanese restaurant. and i loooovvveee their cha siu wang tang men. when i first visited this place, the food portion was way too much for me, but right now, since they divided the portion to small and medium, i could eat up the medium size! was it my stomach that got bigger? anyway, tong-tong especially served ramen and don menu, but they also had katsu and other fried stuff. but no bento here. they also had fried rice and fried noodle, but in japanese taste.

i've said earlier that my favorite was cha siu wang tang men. it was like a wonton noodle in chinese restaurant. they came in two options, shoyu (soy sauce) or shio (salt). i always chose shoyu. sometimes i also ate their chicken katsu don. my brother always ordered tempura don. mom chose corn ramen. my husband once tried their fried noodles. for me, it was okay, but for him, it was weird. mostly because he was not so fond of japanese food. what made tong-tong different from other japanese restaurant was because it was kept original by its owner. my husband told me that in japanese, the ramen was taste like that. so, hopefully when i got the chance to go to japan, i could eat all their food.

let's talk about cha siu wang tang men. like i told you before, it was like a wonton noodle soup. usually i ordered no vegetables. beside noodles, there were a few wonton, some pork ham slices, and half of hard boiled egg. for me, it was a comfortable food when i was down or sick. yesterday, my husband bought me 2 medium, but since we still had the soup left, this morning we tried to recreate it. and it really tasted like the original. i wished i could know what was inside the soup.. then i could recreate the whole dish.

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