Monday, July 15, 2013

food review : pisa cafe

i had this conversation with another doctor in my hospital, he was back from his duty from sumba. and he was trying to catch up metropolis life. he asked about food and malls, all about metropolis lifestyle, and i just realized, i never did a food review. so i just tried to start it now.

pisa cafe was located in the east and west surabaya. since i lived in west surabaya, i reviewed the one in the boulevard area. it was a nice setting, really a cafe setting. at the second floor, they even opened the veranda so you could eat outdoor. if surabaya's weather was not so hot, it was a good idea. sitting in the veranda, eating and drinking a cup of coffee or just enjoying your gelato. but if it's hot, it was not a good idea being there. cafe pisa was located on the side of a main road, so there always a busy traffic in front of the cafe. and you could imagine the smoke from all vehicles carried by the wind to the veranda. not a good idea to eat outside.

about the food. mainly it was a italian cuisine, but they slipped some indonesian or chinese or another asian cuisine just in case the visitor didn't like italian cuisine. i only tried their pasta, but my brother warned me not to order their one meter pizza. though they advertised it like it was their specialty, it turned out bad. i always liked their alfredo pasta. for me, it was a comfort food, something that could fulfill my western crave. their pizza was like an italian standard pizza. it wasn't big, so don't imagine it was like pizza hut. the bread was very thin, and the topping was not as much as pizza hut's. it was a italian pizza by the book. thin crust and minimal topping. my brother tried their calzone and he said it was good.

recommended for young couple, italian cuisine lover. and gelato lover. their gelato was delicious. and many flavors to pick from. not for family reunion, but i often saw a birthday party or a small group reunion there.

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