Wednesday, July 17, 2013

food review : stevan meat shop

close to vinette and pisa cafe, there was stevan meat shop. another western food. actually, this was a meat shop plus restaurant. so you got to pick the meat you wanted, then you could take it home and cooked it yourself or you could asked them to cook it for you and ate there. we ate them twice. on our first visit, i picked tenderloin (i forgot the kind of the meat, angus or NZ or etc), and my husband chose pork ribs. both were okay. mine was juicy and tender. unfortunately, i chose to take mine on plate, not on hot stone. i figured out later that on hot stone was better. the price was pricey for steak. they also didn't include the side dish like french fries and salad. you had to pay separately for the side dish. so i didn't order any. but they served a basket of mini rolls bun for free. my son was very fond of those buns. at his first visit, he could eat two of them! he was just less than a year back then.

on our second visit, it was my mom's birthday. now i chose rib eye (again.. i forgot the kind of the meat), my brother picked tenderloin, my mother chose chicken steak. i forgot what my husband and my father's choice. now i chose the hot stone. they even offered to cook the steak on hot stone at serving time. so it was another entertainment for us. watching the waiter to cook my steak on our table, smelling the delicious aroma coming from the steak. and it was very delicious. though it was fatty also. but i didn't eat it. everybody was pleased with their order except my mum. poor mom, they cooked the entire chicken, and it was fat-less. so it came out dry. next time i'll try to remember not to order her chicken, but salmon instead. overall, for that price, it was worth it for the steak. we would try them again.. if we had more money..ahahha..

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