Saturday, April 2, 2011

wed tips

ahh..many people said that there will be a lot of quarrels and disagreements. i kinda find out it to be true, but in my case, it's not that bad. so, i guess, i'll share mine. the first and most important thing is : just choose one head to lead all the preparations. i guess being clueless is an advantage. i think most disagreements results from two heads trying to force each desire to be true. so i guess, one must give in and cooperate. in my case it's easy, since i have no dream about getting married, i also don't know what to expect in my party. i don;t know what the decorations will be. what theme. what colors . (especially that.. since i'm color freak.) soo...thankfully, my groom to be had a theme in his mind. and everything process from that idea. only ONE idea. not combination between two ideas. even though i get to say "yes and no", but since mostly it's his, so everything is easier. all i do is just sit there and listen, and then interrupted when i disagree.

so people, the way to minimize disagreement is to have one door policy. it applies for everything. even in family. he asked about what his family wants, and then after getting one idea from his family, we combine it with my family' idea. far, it's the best strategies. 

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