Saturday, April 2, 2011

too young

it happens just a day after my 26th birthday. we got an oncall patient from Shangrila. it's a guy compalining about rash and itch that he's been suffering since yesterday. so when i got there, he was on his way back to his room. since i was wearing my white coat, he knew that i'm the doctor. while he was opening his door, he asked me again, " are you the doctor?" and when i nodded, he replied "too young.." i said, " looks young"

OMG...i'm just getting older the day before and he said that i'm too young? oh damn.. probably those anti-aging factories should find me, and probably i could be their best model. looking young without anything!

but couple days ago, when i waited for the psycho test interview, we exchanged stories with other candidates. i was so relieved when i found out that it's not only me that get underestimated. kakak kelasku itu cewe berjilbab yg tampangnya cukup keibuan menurutku, dan dia bilang bahkan dia sendiri masih diragukan kalau dia itu dokternya. wow..that's a relief! padahal aku sudah sering berusaha tampak dewasa pas menghadapi pasien2 itu, tp mukaku ttp kelihatan kayak anak SMA. *sigh* some says it's an advantage, but in my case, it's a disadvantage. but somehow, knowing that others also struggle with their appearance, it brings me relief.

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