Friday, April 1, 2011

diary of a doc bride

actually it's kinda late to start this "diary of a mad bride" blog..but better late than never... i guess..

i've heard that during the preparations, it's normal to be a freaking-mad bride. but since i'm no normal girl, i don't grow up dreaming to be a bride someday. i never imagine i will try the white gown. i never imagine to be married..but here i am. so thank God i have a substitute for this madness. i mean, since the bride have no idea at all about a wedding party, thankfully my husband-to-be is the one that has dream about the wedding dream. yep..this time it's the groom that dreamt about walking down the aisle, not the bride, hahaha..

so, the first thing is setting the date. since we think everyday is a good day, so we just set the month due to weather consideration. the next on the list is getting the venue. since we've already been late in deciding the date, so we had to compromise. we want the Saturday, so we looked for the venue that is available during the first Saturday. after deciding the place, the next plan is getting an EO, since we don't want to  troubled with the preparations. we just said what we wanted about the wedding, and then it's their job to fill in the blanks. so we have to find an EO that could work efficiently and do almost everything for us without disturbing us.

since the first three important things on our list has been decided, we started to fill in the blnaks. wedding gown and bridal gown, MC, contributing artists, bands, decoration, video and photo, invitations, even the souvenir. even though not all has been decided, but most of it has been decided. so i guess it's pretty good since we've just been slightly behind schedule. now it's only the little details to be discussed.

sooo... i guess probably i won't be the mad bride, but who knows? it's just the beginning.

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