Sunday, April 17, 2011

note for ever after

since i'm half year away from getting married, i'm in premarital counseling right now. 2 weeks ago, we discussed about the basic of marriage and the purpose of getting married. so.. i guess i'm going to blog it, since perhaps i'll forget it (actually.. i kinda forget the 2 weeks ago lesson already..hahaa..)
- the purpose of getting married is not to be happy, but to make our spouse happy
 --> the biggest rival of marital problems is our ego. if we wanted to be happy and hoped that our spouse could make us happy, then think again. the only way we could be happy is by making our spouse happy first. just like the golden rule, do to others as you want it happen unto you.
- people are not perfect, that's why we have to learn to compromise. and don't demand and don't held grudges
--> it's better to talk about our goal and dream with our partner so we could have the same vision. and people might not chance.. so we have to compromise sometimes. that's why don't demand.. because we might disappointed if it weren't fulfilled.
- involve God in every aspect
--> be closer to God not only as a person but also as a couple. involving God also let God to reign over "i" inside us. and like Jeffrey Rahmat said, by being closer to God, we also get closer to our spose as well
okay.. i don't quite remember the other stuff.. but as soon as i remember it, i'll blog it.

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