Monday, March 28, 2011

appreciate life people!

sehat itu mahal. tp kadang org jg tdk bersyukur saat msh dikasih kesempatan utk memperbaiki kesehatannya dg diberi penyakit. i know, getting hospitalized nowadays cost a fortune, especially if you wanted to get the best care from the best specialist. biarpun ada asuransi, tdk menjamin semua akan ditanggung pihak asuransi.  let me use an example.

several months ago, there was this patient, an 80 yrs old woman, looked humble in ICCU. which is a rare view in our ICCU. out of curiosity, we asked her, since according to her record, she'd had a stent inserted in her coronary artery which cost her more than 70 million rupiah. we're not underestimated her, but we just curios since most patients, especially the uneducated ones, refuse to get a stent when they found out the cost. she told us that she only had 2 kids, one son and one daughter. her son opened a garage near their home. while her daughter was a worker in some factories. since the regulations in most factories never cover any family member if the worker is female, we wondered where she got all the money to pay for the stent. but i guess, her children could manage to get it so she could get the best care.

while couple weeks ago, a 56 year old male, a cook from renowned hotel in Surabaya being hospitalized because of heart attack. we caught it early and we offered to do angiography and probably a stent since it was the best therapy for him. the management from the hotel agreed to do it as long as it is necessary to safe his life. but the added cost for his care will be discussed later after he's being dismissed. when he heard that he had to pay any extra cost for his care, for more than 10 millions, he refused the angiography and prefer the streptase which is cheaper.

from this two cases, i found out a different decision. probably both families didn't have much money. but the first one, manage to find a way to collect that much money so their mother could be treated to the best and get the best result. while the second family, even though he's still working and probably he could save and pay the management a little by a little, but he refused it. i don't know if he had other debt or any other consideration that made him refuse the angiography that time, but compared to other family, i wonder, why he couldn't manage it? padahal lek dilihat, dr luar tampak lebih mampu keluarga kedua drpd yg pertama.

and he seemed like ignoring God's warning. stl serangan jantung, apalg dg hasil yg seperti itu, harusnya dia ga blh kerja berat dulu. but only after a week, he got back to work. i don't know. kadang orang2 seakan nggak mengerti kalau mereka itu msh disayang Tuhan. masih diberi kesempatan utk memperbaiki hidup. masih diberi nyawa sambungan. dan makin sebel kalau ternyata org tersebut malah memperburuk keadaannya dg tidak menaati aturan rumah sakit dan malah seenaknya sendiri.

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