Tuesday, March 8, 2011

RIP: Mrs.S

RIP. i might be cruel for predicting her fate before it became real. but watching her record, she will eventually dead sooner or later due to her stubbornness. and it became reality this morning. she came back to ER too late. she had been died in her house only God knows when. her family rushed her in to our ER, but it was too late. they couldn't do anything.

pretty sad though. they had money. they had the chance to get her better. but every time we suggested this and that, they always refuse.they always bargain. i know, as a doctor, probably we should push them to obey our advice. but as human beings, we couldn't force them to obey us. and there's a freedom of choice. they chose not to obey our advice, so as the same human being, we have to honor their choice. too bad though, because we knew that their choice is wrong. we, doctors, we knew better what's best for them. but we should try our best to make them understand it.

but once again, only God can do miracle. even though we have tried to convince them, we might fail. only God that can influence their decision. we could only try our best. perhaps, yesterday i wasn't try hard enough. perhaps i should force her to stay in the hospital. perhaps i should scare them, so they didn't bring her home. but again, they made their choice. they had choose her fate. she had choose her fate. may her rest in peace.

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