Wednesday, May 4, 2011

new story? not really

started new job this monday. the coolest part about this new job is, i'm the only doctor there, so i don't have to wear a white coat! haaha.. and since i'm the only doctor there, no more people questioning whether or not i'm the doctor. wkwkwkw.. kinda amazing.. suddenly i'm in charge! hahaha.. bahayanya adalah.. if i wanted to prescribe anything not available there, i don't have my own prescription pad, so i have to use the clinic's instead. and today, another funny story happened. a grandma and her grandchild came to clinic, accompanied by their daughter/mother. they were so funny.. at the end of our conversation, the mother/daughter, asked me about my previous study and stuff. and then she asked for my business card.

mrs : can i have your card please? perhaps if we needed anything, we can call you
me : uummm... sorry..but i don't have a card
mrs: oh.. did you forget to bring it?
me: no, i mean, i don't have a business card.
(gyaaa.. suddenly felt so amateur.. wakakkaa.. )

and talking about shangrila clinic.. things were okay for past two weeks, but this few days there were pretty funny stories.
#1 sad enough, since the suicide bombing at the mosque, the security @ shangrila became more cautious. usually, there were no female security officer at the employer gate, but since the suicide bombing, they put a female officer there to do the body check for female employer. that sucks. now i have to do the body check. the funny part about the female officer, the first one, after checking my bag, where i put my white coat in, asked me where i was going. and then she stopped and realized, "'re the doctor.. please proceed" and she laughed and embarrassed for asking stupid question.

#2 another female officer. the male officer recognized me and he greeted me, " good afternoon.. noon shift, doc?" he knew that for past two weeks, i was on the morning shift. and i replied, "good afternoon, yes sir."
the female officer could've heard us, but then after checking my bag, again.. i put my white coat in it, asked me " are you here for collecting money?"
me: no.. i'm the doctor..
again, she embarrassed and proceed me without asking further. hahhaaa..

when i told the nurses about those two incidents, they laughed and one of them told me that i was lucky since she didn't hand me the "visitor" card. wakakkaa..;

#3 since i've enough body check, i decided to use the front door instead. plus, the HRD office moved near the elevator from the lobby, so today, i decided to use the lobby lift. when i waited the elevator, a man came and asked me, " after an interview?"
me: no..
man: so.. why did u here?
me: i'm going to the clinic.
man: (at the elevator) the clinic in the basement
me: yes, i knew that
i knew that after we reached the basement, there will be another scene, since clinic is turning left from elevator, but i had to go to the HRD first, which was turning right from the elevator. and i was right/ after i stepped out from the elevator and making right turn, he shouted "clinic is this way!"
and i replied "going to HRD first!"
hahaha.... i don't know why things like this happen to me, but i guess it's a refreshment to my boring and hard days.

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