Wednesday, May 18, 2011

bali getaway

although it started not as a perfect plan, but turned out it was fine. we had fun. exhausted, but fun.
day 1: we arrived early so he could set up the CCTV in his ruko. so i just sat there, played the ipad and watched castle on my iphone and get bored. but only for an hour. then we headed back to airport to pick up the girls and had lunch. the first agenda was waterbom. we had so much fun, although he refused to ride some attractions and just sat there, waiting for us. the girls had so much fun. the most funny story of the day is meok being rescued by the pool attendant because she was stuck in the middle of the "climax". it's hilarious. climax is a n attractions which consist a steep descent and then a loop before it ends. meok kinda stuck in the middle after the descent since her bathing suit was closed at her back. so instead of going down the loop, she slided back to where she was before. and then she was helped to get out from there after the attendant blew the whistle as a sign of emergency. hahahaa..

day 2: we were doing our prewed shoot while the girls were on tour. they went to GWK, tanjung benoa to play water sports, dreamland and uluwatu. while we went to renon to shoot the first scene. it was awkward since there were other people there, watching me with full makeup and gown and so dressed up. people even sneaked snapping pictures at me. and it was painful since i had to wear my 9cm-heels to make me look taller in that dress. ughh.. i really hate it. but the pictures were nice. so just wait and see. the next stop was geger beach. he was having troubles since it was broad daylight and he couldn't see without blinking if the light was too bright. so the photographer had to think how to shoot us with marvelous background without causing him to shed tears due to the bright sunlight. when they said to wrap up and move to other place, i saw a man selling ice cream, so we stop by and bought one. the photographer instantly shot us again spontaneously. hahaa.. that was fun. the last stop was breathtaking. they called it brownies hills since there were so many cow's poop on the hills. brownies= the color of the poop. hahaha.. the scenery was breathtaking. and we had to wait for the sun to set a little bit to get the best view. and i had to change my clothes behind the bushes. hahaa.. all the hardwork and troubles, i hope it all will be paid off. and that's a wrap for our second day. ooppss...the shopping was closing our day, to be exact.

day 3: kuliner time...the first stop was naughty nuri's grill. it was pretty confusing since there were two nuri's in the same road. but the first one was deceiving. it was written mexico cuisine. luckily we found the second one.  and should we say more.. the famous menu there was the spare ribs which is the pork's rib. it was big and soooo...delicious. the sauce was perfect. the tenderloin (ipung chose medium one) was tender and juicy.. and it was good too... i could be dying to eat them again. but they didn't come cheap .. hahaha.. good food cost much apparently. after that we stopped by at the market while david slipped to bu oka's to buy 2 babi guling rice takeouts. and then we walked in the monkey forrest to cool down before deciding where to go next.  since it was only mid day, david decided to go back to town to buy some pie first and then heading to uluwatu to watch the kecak dance. although it was pretty confusing to find the pie (we had to try each brand before deciding which to buy since ipung forgot which one is the best), and the GPS and google maps unreliable since no signal on the way to uluwatu, but we managed to arrive there on time to watch the kecak dance. and it was the different dance so it was fortunate that he decided to watch it again. after that we headed to rock bar. hahaa.. other visitors were so dressy while us were so soaked in sweat since we haven't took any shower. hahaha... but the view was nice. the interesting part was, we were seated at the edge of the bar. although the waiter said that the tide never reached that far, but unfortunately, that night was different. nature decided to give us some bath.. hahaha.. the tide was so high that it splashed ipung and our chips. wakakkaa... but it was nice. the scenery was marvelous. and the moon....ohhhh.. i wish i had the chance to enjoy it again in the future. and that ended our third day

day 4: we all woke up late and just sitting in our rooms before we had to head to the airport. and then having a brunch and starbucks before leaving bali. hikss... i wish i could stay longer.... haaaaa.. but now i'm home and it's time to work. hiks. but it's a wonderful getaway.. thanks :)

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