Monday, June 13, 2011

after a year and a half

hmm..ndak kerasa aku udah setahun setengah di mitra ini. many experiences, many ups and downs during those times. many cases, many incidences, but i survived  though. some may come and go, but i found new friends here. not just among peer doctors, but also from nurses, paramedics and administration clerks. i do like the work environment. although sometimes the schedule is insanely hectic, but since we worked with people that we're comfortable with, it's enjoyable. many funny stories too... let's review some..

comments and questions i heard most in the hospital (since i'm the all-rotating doctor --> ward, icu, emergency room, clinics, even both hotel clinics.. hahaa..talking about being greedy... ):
1. hmm.. u looked new.. i never saw u before: errr... i've been here a year...
2. u look young, how old are you? : errrr... i'm 26 now.
3. u do look young, are u an intern here? nope.. i'm officially a doctor, legal and under oath since october 28th, 2010.
4. are u really have graduated? errr... yeah.. i won't be able to be here and be your doctor if i don't have a license
5. what school? i've graduated from unair. (at this point, some showed awe .. now they're starting to believe that i'm a REAL doctor.. hahahaa..)
6. are u married? nope.. not yet
7. any boyfriend? yes.. we've been engaged (don't think that some will stop at this point, knowing that i've been engaged. a few keep going by saying anything could happen before i'm married.. hahaa.. pretty bold)
8. u're pretty.. don't look like a doctor.. : well, i'll be damn if i have to be ugly to become a doctor. don't judge a book by its cover people...

comments i heard most in the hotel clinics:
1. where r u going? clinic.. (they looked puzzled.. and i kept going..hahaa..)
2. which department are u in? i'm not an employee here.. i'm the doctor (ooooo... that's the most replies i got)
3. hey..u haven't check log! mmm.. i don't have one.. i'm the doctor..
4. r u here to collect debts? errr... do i look like one? hahaha..
5. which trainee are u? i'm not a trainee.. i'm a doctor (please.. u've already saw my white coat.. what do u think it was? a cook's coat?)
6. u look young.. (here we go again...)
7. i haven't seen u before... (again... since i'm just filling the blank schedule, it's probably they don't always meet me when they come to the clinic)

and lately, i've been asked for my card.. hahaa.. i don't have one. probably i'll make one soon.

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