Wednesday, June 22, 2011

movie reviews: nikita

well, since blockbuster movies are still being banned from Indonesia's cinema, i have no option other than watching series.. (no way i'm giving up watching..hahahaa..). so, since after couple disappointment in "The Cape" and i forget what's the series' name.. , being agreeed to buy Nikita is such a pleasure. This is another heroine movie. The main character, Nikita, was an assasin in a government black-op which is now gone rogue. After fled from the organization, instead of hiding, she decided to fight back and make sure that every mission the organization had, failed. And she had a mole inside, whom she has trained before. a russian heir whom never knew that nikita has killed her parents. nor how dangerous and tricky it is being inside of the organization.

this movie kinda so-so. a heroine with a plan of saving the world. well-trained assasin, highly skilled but a moral killer. a usual plot of tricking each other. and also, being falling in love with your enemies. although it same old, new fashion way of spy movies, it's okay to fill my day. not to boring, and pretty complicated. since you can never know who's the real villain. but at the end of the first season, which is kinda surprising, i can't see it coming. although no one being killed, but sadly, nikita parted from her partner. after gaining another partner beforehand. kinda saving me from my boredom since there were many twists in the series. although i still rooting for my criminal minds. hoping next season will come soon...

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