Tuesday, January 11, 2011

end of 2010

the wind at the next day wasn't get any better. we started the day visiting the shanghai TV tower. pretty amazing building. but i had pretty bad runny nose so ...sepanjang jalan aku buang ingus terus and it sucks. pretty view from above and on the 98th level, there was this glass floor. it made us feel like walking on the sky. then we went to the bund. again..the wind screwed it all. we just took pictures really quick and then back to the bus.

this was the last day before we headed back to hongkong and went home, but everyone didn't seem to have quite enough time shopping. so this last day, there were 2 spots for shopping. the first one is around the yu garden. it were only us and one other family that went to the garden, while the other chose to go shopping from the start. then we went to nanjing road, which was similar to orchard. shopping malls along the road. so everyone was crazy to shop. and then after we tired shopping, we had dinner and there was a small surprise to my future mother-in-law since it was her birthday. there was a birthday cake, we were singing and cheering my future dad-in-law to kiss her. hahahaa...it was really funny. pretty sucks beginning but happy ending day. and that ended my 2010. no more agenda for the day. which is suck since it was the end of 2010, but there were no show or whatsoever, since last year, there were fire at the bund. so no fireworks. nothing. but it was okay though, since half of our tour members were sick. so we all pretty happy, just slept in the hotel.

sooo...that's it. that was my christmas to end year trip. wishing u all a happy new year!

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