Saturday, January 1, 2011

Historical beijing

Day 2 is fulled with visiting historical places. Starting from summer palace. It's such a beautiful place that i thought it was natural. But the guide told us that it was man-made! What a crazy emperor.. Juat for enjoying the view, he ordered his people to build artificial lake and island.

Then we stopped by at the bird nest stadium just for taking pictures. This stadium is yet another proof that Chinese people is a little bit crazy when it comes to pride. Being a modern building, the bird nest stadium is also crazy. I can't imagine the process of the making. How can they build such place like that?

Then after a quick stop at the jade factory and porcelain factory, finally we arrived at the Great Wall. Fiuuuhhh... It's cold and windy and the wall is sooooo long. The stairs are numerous and the height of each stair is not the same. We only hike for a half post since it's so high. Too bad though.. But it's dangerous indeed. And after a tiring hike at the Great Wall comes the end of my second day.

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