Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry christmas!

Merry christmas everyone! I'm freezing cold in this land callef China. Yep.. I'm spending my vacation, from Christmas eve to new year away from home. Kinda excited but also sad. My dad's celebrating his birthday alone at home. Just with my mom. No kids around.

Yesterday we were visiting the forbidden city, tian an men square, temple of heaven and watching chinese acrobatic. Historical places mostly. We even ate peking duck at historical restaurant too.. 600 years peking duck maker.. Phewww..

The most exciting part is watching acrobatic, the motor riding part. 6 people riding motorcycles inside a metal globe. Crazy indeed.. I can't imagine what will happen if they crashed into one another.. But the most hatred part is the weather. It's freezing cold and windy. Even though we wore layers of cloth, it's still cold.

Let's see what about today.. We have great walls and summer palace in our agenda.. Let's wait and see...

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