Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3-bye bye beijing

The third morning we were busy checking out from the hotel because we have to hurry to the airport to go to nanjing. After several usual chaos, we're finally aboard on plane going to nanjing. Being optimistic as we go south the weather will be better, we really excited finding out that nanjing wasn't as cold as beijing. It's so much warmer.

But the first impression of our new local tour guide was boring so half of the bus were falling asleep as he explained our plan for that day. The first place that we went is yang tze bridge. Yeah, it was historical and important to chinese people, but as tourist, i can't see the importance of visiting it. The bridge is just a bridge, but the view is okay, but not spectacular.

After dinner, the most exciting part is the next stop. Next is shopping at confusius street. It's just another street market like petaling and chinatown, but all the ladies in the bus are excited, since they can't do a lot of shopping back in beijing. The shopping point at beijing is too expensive. The drug store, the porcelain and jade factory.. All are expensive. But in nanjing, they can bargain and buying souvenirs.

After buying a lot of souvenirs, we got back to hotel. And since that day, we have to check out everyday because for the next couple days, we'll be jumping city until Shanghai.. Hufff..

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