Tuesday, January 11, 2011

day 6 - here comes the wind

the first visit was Xi Hu Lake. the guide told us that there was this road, along the lake, a long road. the stopry was, if you are a couple, you have to walk along the road, until the end of it, so you will have an everlasting relationship with your loved one. but since we will ride the boat, we won't walk along the road. my fiancee had a new theory. if you walked until the end, you will have an everlasting relationship. if you walked half of it, you will broke up with your loved one. but since we off to the boat half way, and walked again to the end after getting off the boat, then we have to speed up the relationship. hahaha.. pretty funny...

after that we stopped at the tea house pretty quick before moving on to zhouzhuang. the hatred part is when we arrived at zhouzhuang, it was very windy and cold. i really hate the wind. the wind came from all over, not like in beijing, so no one can avoid it. zhouzhuang was considered the venetian of china, so we rode a boat again there. but since it was really windy, no one really enjoyed the ride. then we were off to shanghai, our last destination. the dinner, which was a thai dinner, really sucks. food were okay, but what can i say about thai dinner? it was spicy and i couldn't eat most of it. but the most unbearable part was the smoking family were behind us. so in the middle of the dinner, they started to smoke without considering other people. ughhh..i really hate them. so inconsiderate!! and the wind didn't get better. it was so windy that i had runny nose again. damnnn.... and that ended "my pretty nice beginning but hatred ending" day

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