Monday, January 17, 2011

new year, new problems, new headache..but i'm not getting older

happy new year! i hope it's a happy new year for all of you. but for me, new year comes with new problems...and new problems mean new headache... but (thankfully?) i'm not getting older. so, there was this kid at our China tour..his name is Louis. his dad is so annoying, and his little brother is so naughty. but Louis seems fine. he was close to us since he was left alone in the bus with us when we decided to not going to the medicine house back in Beijing. so, when it's time to go shopping, he jumped off the bus with us. and through that quick time, he became familiar to us.

so when i bumped my nose, his little brother is overly excited that he wanted to see my nose..he wanted to see my scar. he didn't feel sorry for me because i was fallen. so annoying..i'm hurt but he's excited for my scar...damn little kid. but couple days later, people are talking about my job, thankfully, without remembering that i'm the clumsy girl that fallen in the toilet. first of all, it's no wonder that people surprised at first. like everybody used to say, i'm not the "doctor" type for them, judging from my face and my behaviour. but then came Louis. he asked me whether i'm a doctor. and when i said it's true, and that i'm already engaged, he was surprised. when i asked him what's in his mind, he admitted that he was surprised because he thought that i'm as old as his sister, who is 15 years old!!'s new year, and i'm downgraded to a 15-years-old girl..a first grade high schooler...oh noooooo.... really?? well..i guess it's up to you guys to decide...

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