Tuesday, January 11, 2011

day 4&5- broken nose part 2

it's morning again and we're in a hurry, dragging our baggages into the bus. the first stop for the day is the sun yat sen mesoleum. The tour guide told us that it will be a long walk before we reached the resting place of the great Chinese leader. He told us that there were about 900-something-stairs before we reached it. some people in our group were already feeling exhausted hearing his explanation. but then as we started walking, it was a good way to exercise actually. the stairs are easier than those at the Great Wall. after few days, i get used to walking and hiking. and the mesoleum is easy. so in no time, me and njos2 catched up people ahead of us and even reached the top before them. and the funny part is my future father-in-law. he's a fat guy, so walking all the way up to the top is a challenge for him. but he made it! amazing though. but before reaching the top, he said to me that if he died, he didn't want to be buried like this. it's a torture to other people. hahahhaaa....

and then we're back in the bus and off we go to wu xi. we'll be visiting wu xi for a short time before going on to the next city. the first thing we did in wuxi was having lunch. unfortunately, at the restaurant's toilet, i sort of slipped and bumped my nose into the wall. it was a loud bump and i was worried that my nose will be broken. fortunately, my nose was fine, but it was pretty hectic at first. people were worrying about my nose but after a while, it vanished. thank God there were ice in the restaurant, considering it was winter. but until the end of our tour, my nose is bluish and reddish, the side effect of the bump. (-.-")

so after a pretty hectic lunch, we went to the sam kok shooting place. there we rode on a boat and then spent some time to just wandering around and taking pictures. some guys tried to shoot arrows, real arrows, just like in Timezone, but no one hit the center. some even just held the bow and arrows for a show. after that we were off to a pearl factory before going to suzhou. and then, the amazing fact after arriving at our hotel was the hotel was so much fun! it was nice and luxurious. and pretty hi-tech, considering it was a small city. unfortunately, we only spent a night there...so sad.. but there, it was the first time for me and a bunch of people to go shopping all alone without our guide. we went for a walk to Carrefour. hahahaa.. pretty funny, considering we didn't know anything about the city, no map, and no clue at all. but we found it at the end. the next morning, the breakfast also amazing. for the first time, since we arrived in China, i found sushi!! i was so happy... no more chinese food... after that, we were off to explore su zhou. started at the liu garden. it was a house owned by a rich guy, but then the government took it over and preserved it as a tourist' destination. the house was so big and complicated. like a maze. according to the story, back in the day, a man could have many wives and concubines, but he didn't the wives and concubines to chat each other. therefore, he built such a complicated house and an amazing one, just to entertain them and made them to feel cozy at home and not go anywhere since they were forbidden to go outside.

really..the house was insane! after that, we went to the tiger hill, there was a pagoda, which was almost like pisa... tapi ga semiring menara pisa. because of that reason, we were not allowed to go inside it and went all the way up to the top. after a quick stop at the silk factory, we were off to Lei Feng Pagoda. it's the legendary pagoda where the white snake legend being held. the authentic pagoda was already burnt and broken, so the pagoda that we were visiting was a new one built by the government. inside there were carvings about the story about the white snake legend. the carving was crazy. every little details were being carved. every single leaf, every wave, it was...crazy. are they in their right mind? after that, we had a very disappointing dinner and went to see the Song Dynasty Show. it was a good show. chinese people really know how to arrange a show. there were dancing, singing, acrobatic..all in one package.

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