Tuesday, January 18, 2011

did you hear the bells?

i'm getting married. for real. arrrrgggghhhh... sialnya, ternyata persiapan itu sebajek. probably, we're the most clueless client in the entire Surabaya for that EO. hahahhaa...

so, since we're both first born, so both our parents have no idea what to do. so the wise move here is to choose an EO that will help us. at the first EO, no problem at all since she only offered us about her service and explained to us about the price and stuff. but at our third EO, he probably will slap his forehead because of our cluelessness. probably i'm the most clueless bride he's ever met. i know, probably every girl in this entire world has a dream about getting married and being a bride one day. unfortunately, that dream never came to me. since i was little, i never dreamt about being a bride. more over when i grew up. i hate wedding party. i hate to dress up to attend a wedding party. and i have no clue what to expect in my wedding party. how great!

soooo... sekarang waktunya pusing. karena tadi di EO yg barusan kita datengin, dia dengan semangat menjelaskan ttg konsep acara yg akan jadi peer kita berikutnya setelah kita memutuskan deal dengannya. mulai dr konsep pinginnya kayak apa, sampe palet warna. konsep probably classic or simple... tapi palet warna??? that will probably hard to answer. since i'm so fond of colors. everytime i go to ace hardware, i end up staring at all those colors pallette back in the paint stuff. hahahaha.. dia bisa pingsan kalo tau... entah deh, ntar akire pilih warna apaan. apalagi kan ntar yg mutusin bkn aku doang.

and then masalah baju. OMG... kenapa sih wedding dress is sooooooo heavyyyyy....i guess that seharusnya, all the brides are not supposed to do diet before they tried their dress. bahkan menurutku, nyoba baju pengantin sering2 justru bakal jadi exercise yg efektif saking abote..heavy is problem number one. problem number two: why it has to be so bling2 and all the ruffles, beads and crystals, all those layers?? why can't it be simple? siale pas aku komentar gitu pas ke salah satu salon, mbak'e dengan enteng njawab gini: ya jangan to ce...ntar lek gitu, isa2 pengantine kalah ngejreng ama tamune. wong tamune semua pasti yo bling2..lek pengantine polosan lak isa kalah.. duengngnggggg... what's wrong with those people?? *sigh* itu baru baju, belon soal make up seng kudu tahan nyaris 24 jam itu. mateng wes...itu ntar mbersihine piro suwe???? oh nooo..pas dulu make up buat wisuda ama pelantikan ae udah kayak didempul piro lapis. bersihine ae ampe 3-4 kali, ampe rasae perih ga karuan. pas ting jing kemaren jg gitu. mana pas kmrn itu aku kalah ama seng ndandani. for the first time i wore fake eyelashes. padahal dulu 2 x dandan ga pake bulu mata palsu jg gpp. taruhan berapa ntar juga pas di make up buat merit jg ga boleh lek ga pake bulu mata palsu. adohhhh... padahal bulu mata palsu itu abotttt... nggarai mata ngantuk ga isa melek ae. grrrr.. that's no invention, but suffering.

so i guess, dear all grooms, you should know what kind of torture that you bring to your brides when you asked her to marry you, so you should be understanding when she changed into that angry and moody creature, that you have no idea where it came from. and you should be understanding when she's all tired and hard to please since she had to please everyone, not just her dream but also both parents dream. all you have to do is find a best man, find a nice tux and be clean and shiny and be there on time. while she had to wake up very early at dawn, getting her make up and dress ready and then smiling tirelessly through the entire day... all those suffering, just for that one special day. so be understanding all ye' grooms..

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