Friday, December 16, 2011

Reviews : The Flynn Brother Trilogy - Deadly Night

okee.. at first i thought since i was lazy to write, i just gonna write reviews about all the novels and books that i have. but since i forgot most of them, i decided to read them all one by one each day and wrote the review. but i was lazy to do it.. sooo... i'm just gonna review the new book that i buy. this is another trilogy. i decided to buy them all at once. so i have to read them all and finish them as soon as possible.

the bad thing about the edition is that there was no information about which book is the first or second or last. so i had to guess by reading the review behind it. i know birth order didn't mean that the story about the firstborn is the first one, but turned out it was right. so i'm glad that i read from the beginning.. hahaaa... (i once bought a book that turned out to be a trilogy, and i bought the second one! i had to borrow to read the rest of the trilogy and did some guessing since i didn't know the beginning)

the flynn brothers are aidan, jeremy and zachary. aidan is a private investigator and FBI agent - used to be. the brothers inherited a haunted house, complete with the stables and mortuary inside the land from their long lost aunt that died recently. according to the urban story there, their house is haunted by the ghost from the past. around the civil war, there was this pretty lady that secretly being married to a federation soldier. but since it was war, they hide the fact that she was married. one day, there was a cruel enemy soldier that tried to rape and murder the lady, just in time when her husband arrived. too bad though. his cousin, which was the enemy soldier, arrived at the scene and shot him without knowing that he shot his own cousin. the lady jumped from the balcony and died, leaving her son to live alone. and so the story began.

when the brothers searching the house, they found two human bones. and so since they were distracted by the ghost story and part of them wanted to proof that it was wrong, they decided to do some investigation. turned out there were couple of girls missing from that town but at different time. since they were ex-FBI and ex-cop, they forced and begged their old friends to help them out.

there was this pretty young lady, kendall, who was treated their aunt as her own until the day she died. at first the brothers thought her as an enemy, but then, together they investigated it and found out more mysteries. aidan, without knowing it, fallen in love to kendall. but danger was around them. as a serial killer was loose in the area. angry since his crime are started to be known as the investigation going on. and he decided to stop them.

this is a romantic suspense plus some mystical novel, since there were ghosts and stuff. but since i am bad with names, i often confuse with the characters in the book. too many people to remember. but at then, the right is always win. that's important. and so they live happily ever after too. not bad for a reading to kill leisure time. and it was confusing enough so i can't guess which one is the killer. or it because of my memory lack to remember the character? i don't know.. you decided it yourself.

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