Monday, January 9, 2012

the evil matchmaker wannabe

i can't believe i never write about this lady! or wrote about her in my FB status or anywhere else!! hahaha..i must say, this is quite ridiculous story and amusing.

soo.. i was on ICU duty the day i met her. she was admitted to ICU for 24 hours observation after sleep drug intoxication. since i was ordered by the specialist to obtain the reason she drank those sleeping pills, i went to her room when she pressed the "call" button. after asking her need, i asked her about the reason she drank the pills, even though she knew that she had enough already before taking more. she complained about every body parts she could complained and asked to be checked. MRI, CT scan, the expensive ones, you named it, she asked for it. since her specialist wasn't our in house doctor, he couldn't come that morning. so we had to talk to him by phone. and he was surprised by all the complaints and requests. he knew that she was on insurance, so he decided to hurry to the hospital to find out which one is needed so he didn't have to hear all this trash talk again. hahaha..

but during our conversation, she asked me whether i'm married or not. at that time, i forgot whether i'm engaged or just in a relationship, but i wasn't single anymore. so i politely replied that i haven't married yet. she then asked again, if i had someone. and i nodded. her husband told her to stop at that point, but she kept on going, asking if i've been engaged and so on. even she said like this, " as long as she haven't had a ring on her finger, anything could happen under this sky.. (well, in indonesian she didn't say exactly like that, more like "selama janur kuning melengkung, apapun isa terjadi.. yg tunangan aja msh isa putus...) and her husband scolded her harshly upon hearing that comments and apologized to me.

but she didn't stop. she said that if i haven't had anyone, she had someone in mind. her nephew back in US. although he wasn't a doctor, but he has graduated from graduate school. pretty bright future in US, according to her campaign. but i just smiled back at her and then looking for whatever reason i could find to flee from her room.

our first encounter was so funny yet annoying, so i never forget her face. i saw her again back in the ER. i was newly-wed at that time. she accompanied her family member and since i was busy, she just had the chance to ask whether i'm new or not. but few weeks later, she came to ER again. and this time, i helped the ER doctor, so i was around quite enough for giving her the chance to ask me again. this time, she approached me by asking about her papsmear result. but i knew she's just opening the conversation. i guessed she knew that i was about to runaway from the ER so she hurriedly asked whether i'm married or not. here we go again, i thought.

this time i could answer that i'm married. pretty bold i must say, she dared to look at my finger to find my wedding ring. thank God, i wore my wedding ring on the right finger that time (usually i wore it on my second finger, since my ring is bigger than my ring finger..). but that answer didn't stop her. she commented "how shame.. if you haven't been married, i had a nephew in two could make a lovely couple"

aiyaaa.. i almost let go a moan. this nephew of her again! two years and he haven't found someone yet? well then, there must be something with him.. thank God i found mine. hahahaa... udah deh tante.. menyerah deh sonoooo!!!! get lost you and your loser nephew.

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