Wednesday, February 1, 2012

new year's trip

i forgot to write about our new year's trip. ahhaha.. busy schedule and all during January. actually, we didn't plan to go on new years, but since i'm expecting, we couldn't go to Canada like our original plan since it's going to be in April or May. although the doc said that it's okay until 8th month, but my mom wouldn't risk that. so we decided to give up Canada and chose to go to Thai instead. since the tour also started from Jakarta, we had to go earlier to Jakarta first. we had the chance to eat with erica and his newly-wed husband, hhehehe.. whom we teased a lot since he's worried knowing that i'm expecting even though both of us said that we will wait.

day 1: bangkok here we come
we thought it was going to be raining in Bangkok, but turned out it was sunny. i'm glad. hahhaa.. not a fan of bad weather. the first day, we just checked in to the hotel and then free time before going to cruise dinner and met the other group. actually i planned to see what they had to offer, but since the mall was crowded, we stepped out from the mall and accidentally found cute stuffs at the pedestrian stall. and then headed to swensen's. the sundaes were biggg... i loveeedddd ittt...and it was way cheaper. haha.. our dinner cruise later was amazing. we celebrated my mother-in-law birthday on board. the meal was okay, much better than the lunch. it was windy, but we could see the buildings by the side of the river. so many temples. and there was this bridge which looks like suramadu bridge. after that we were back to the hotel. although our tour guide said that if we wanted to celebrate new year's eve we could join them back again at the hotel lobby to join the bangkok's crowd. but we were to tired and decided to get some rest.

day 2. pattaya beach
we went to pattaya early. but we stopped by at some tiger farm. we watched the pig show. it's funny to watch the pig. they could count but only up to 6. hahaa. and then the pig race. cute, but smelly. after that we watche the crocs show. it was horrifying. there was this croc that refused to be pulled to the center. and it almost bite its handler. but then the handler decided not to use it and moved on with the show. it was breathtaking. when they put their hand inside the croc's mouth, and then their head! hahhaa.. though they didn't put it in long enough. then we watched tiger show. too bad this time we didn't get the perfect seat to watch it. but it was nice. after that we headed to our hotel in pattaya. it was super niceeee... too bad again, only one night. .huhu.. we got the room with pool view. and we could jump to the pool from our room's terrace. ha! we decided to swim since we had a few spare time before going to watch the famous transgender show. the pool was nice, the weather was nice.. it was a perfect afternoon. and then the show. it was marvelous. all the performers were transgenders and they were all prettier than the real lady. and there was this one transgender that was performing like a korean star. he was the star of the night. and when it was time for photo taking session, he was the star. everybody wanted to be photographed with him/her. hahaha..

day 3. back to bangkok.
after breakfast, broken hearted, we left our hotel. we headed to a village to watch the elephant show. before that, we watched the cultural show of thailand. and then hurried to watch the elephant show. it was awesome. the elephants could ride motorcycles, play basketball, even massage someone. hahaa.. after the show, we took some photograph with the elephant. then we were having dinner at the biggest restaurant in guiness book. we had dinner and then since it was a pay-off tour, there was this drawing from the pharmacists who paid for our tour.

day 4: journey to the king's palace
first thing in the morning, we headed to the king's palace. we had to wear something polite, or else we couldn't get inside. we were walking around and see the jade buddha statue. there were several temples there, but there was this wall, the wall with some drawings of rama shinta. hahaa.. it was funny, watching the same stuff that also we could see back home. we could also see the story of hanoman. hahahaa.. then we walked to the river bank to go to another temple and to have some lunch. shorly after boarding, the guide told us to feed the fish at the river bank, because it's a belief that the fish bring some luck. killing the fish were believed to bring bad luck for people. the fish were big.. and they ate a lot. the guide said that it was patin, hiks.. too bad we couldn't fish and eat them. and then after lunch, we stopped by at another temple to see the full-gold buddha statue. then we made some quick stop at some shop, honey shop, chocolate shop.. to buy goodies for our loved ones back at home. and even though we're tired, we decided to walk around our hotel, trying some local food.

day 5. back home.
that was it. we headed back home. and i was sick. runny nose and stuff again. blame it on the windy weather. *sigh* home sweet home though..

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