Wednesday, November 20, 2013

food review : yamagoya ramen

okay, i know, another ramen review. hahaa.. we were crazy about ramen lately. yamagoya ramen now open in Tunjungan Plaza 5th floor. and for this month they offer 20% off for food only.

the interior was a common ramen place, similar to several ramen places in surabaya. but the seat placement was pretty crowded. if you brought your kids along with their stroller, you probably might have to leave your stroller at the front.

i ordered their wang tang ramen. my husband ordered their yamagoya ramen and the spicy one. my nanny ate their chicken ramen. the yamagoya ramen was their specialty, but there's nothing special about it. it was the complete version of the ramen. it had chasiu, nori, and tamago in a bowl. while my wantang ramen, only consisted with chasiu and wangtang (dumpling). they put a lot of dumplings for one bowl, though it was pretty small, but more than 5 dumplings in a bowl were too much for me. and several of the dumplings skin were not cooked perfectly, so i could taste the flour. no difference in the soup, it was simple broth. not too salty like hakkata, but it was ordinary broth. but at the end of the bowl, my husband noticed there was something grainy inside the broth. we couldn't decide what it was, but we suspected it was the seasoning. like instant noodle seasoning, which not mixed well with the broth.

the spicy one was also similar to other ramen, the difference was the broth was spicy. haha.. pretty boring for a range of menu. and the portion was smaller than hakkata. but for discounted food, it was enough. i didn't hate them, but i didn't like them either. my biggest disappointment was no tamago in every ramen. you had to order additional tamago.

will i come back for more? i don't think so. if you wanted to try, just hurry because the promo was over at the end of november.
yamagoya ramen

wangtang ramen

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