Tuesday, November 12, 2013

food review : santouka ramen

it was rainy when we decided to try another ramen. first we wanted to try the one in tanjong pagar, but it was late already and it was matthew's dinner time too, so we headed to santouka. it was a small restaurant, and they had little space outside too. but since it was raining, we chose inside. nothing special about the place. the decoration was standard japanese food decoration.

i chose wangtangmen, and the other i forgot since i was busy feeding matthew. but i remembered my husband ordered their tokusen toroniku, their black pig meat. it was supposed to be their specialty. but i didn't try it. but i guess it was nothing special since my husband didn't brag about it a lot. hahaa..

my wangtangmen was okay, it was also similar to hakkata's. nothing special though. i still prefer hakkata. but i didn't complain. it was not too salty, not too sweet, enough broth in the soup, and decent meat proportion. and it was warm enough to warm a hungry stomach on rainy days.

the funny story was, matthew was having a hard time eating there. i had to cook the porridge myself, but he could eat the wangtang from my ramen along with the egg and soup. he used to watch tv while eating, so i played the hi-5 video while he was eating too. and funny things happened. it was this one song, and suddenly he started to dance following the video! it was funny since he did it spontaneously. he never danced before at home. we were laughing and giggling. and the owner (i guessed it was the owner) saw it. he talked to matthew, asking his name and stuff. and he was pleased when matthew could reply back to him even though he was just 16 months old! and for reward for being too cute, he gave matthew a candy. hahaha... it was a higlight of the day. and of course i would go back there again.

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