Tuesday, November 5, 2013

food review : marutama ramen

okay, i told you that we're on ramen tryout while in singapore, thanks to my husband's craving. the first one that we tried was marutama ramen. our hotel was in marina mandarin, which was close to suntec city. so we headed to marutama ramen. i didn't know why everyone chose to sit outside. it was a simple restaurant. a counter inside, some tables and chairs. no special interior. just a common japanese attributes. i was surprised that singapore was child-friendly. they had baby chair, and even understood that we brought baby food with us.

now about the ramen. it was similar to those ramen in surabaya. the soup tasted a bit like hakkata's, but milder. the ramen only consisted with ramen, seaweed, a piece of pork meat. no egg. but my husband ordered extra egg, so problem solved. it was delicious. warm and comforting for an exhausted body and mind. it was simple but full with flavour.

so, if you wanted to try ramen in singapore and lived nearby.. i suggested you try this one. some blogger said that their gyoza was the best, but i didn't try it and i forgot to ask my husband how it was.


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