Thursday, April 3, 2014

holiday alert: seclusion day in bali

yep.. you might think we were weird for spending seclusion day in bali. well, we were too, until some travel agent guy told my husband that it was perfect for a quiet weekend in bali. he recommended hotels in nusa dua especially those with pools. we were excited and started searching. we decided to choose sofitel. it was new, and the pool was big. the beach was at the back of the hotel but we couldn't go to the beach on seclusion day. but it was okay. we decided we'd go for it.

and we did. we survived seclusion day in bali. even balinese decided to stay at the hotel in order to avoid the tradition. particularly those who didn't celebrate seclusion day. so the hotel was crowded on seclusion day.

day1: arrival
it was hot and humid. the first disappointment was the car wasn't as nice as before. but what can we ask? at least we had car to go around. and we decided to shop at the new mall. unfortunately, my son refused to eat. blah. so much for a start. then we drove to the hotel. it was big and nice. my son was excited. he was running around. the bathroom was big.. and we could see the pool from our balcony. we ate at jimbaran that night, and it was sooo crowded. we even didn't eat at made, my husband's usual cafe. we picked nyoman instead. fortunately, the food was okay. at least we finished the first day with our stomach full.

day2: safari time
we decided to spend the morning at bali safari and marine park. it was another hot day. my son refused to eat breakfast again, even though there were plenty choices to choose from. unfortunately, no dessert spotted. what can i say about bali safari? it was soooo hottt... my son was excited while waiting for the animal education show, and he enjoyed it. after the show we went to the safari journey. fortunately, when we saw the tiger, it was standing when we came nearby. usually it was sleeping and did nothing. my son was excited watching the tiger. though he was sleepy at that time. and by the end of the safari journey, he fell asleep. and we got out just in time to get our lunch at mcd since most food outlet were closed after 1-2 pm. actually, most people suggested us to watch ogoh-ogoh festival in the afternoon, but we were afraid that my son would freak out since it was creepy toy that they carried, and it was full with many kind of spirit, so.. for my son sake, we just stayed at the hotel and enjoyed the pool. the children pool was okay and it has a slide so he was excited walking around the pool. ahh.. another day at the paradise.

day3: seclusion day
we spent the morning swimming at the pool. the hotel officers made some games for those in the pool to play. but we had to be quiet. well, it was not easy, since everybody was excited and excited equals screams. we won the treasure hunt game, hahaha.. my son was excited walking around to find the unusual things we were supposed to find. but it was my husband who actually found it. son was exhausted so he was fell asleep pretty quickly, so me and my husband could sneak out to hotel restaurant to enjoy lunch. we picked the CCC restaurant, but the price was insane. so we just chose the package menu and a pizza. i'll review the food later. for dinner we ate at the kwee-zen, the one we usually ate for breakfast. but this time we ate ala carte. it was super hot and my son was uncomfortable. we finished dinner quickly and walked back to our room in darkness. the hotel provided a small flashlight so we won't trip on our way. and my husband was right. when everything was quite and dark, you could see the stars brighter and a lot more than we used too.

day4: our last day
ohhh.. the holiday came to an end. my husband had some business to take care for, so me and my son decided to play sand near the beach. but it was strikingly hot and my nanny told us not to play directly under the sun, so we found a nice place under the tree to play. hehehe.. he was soooo happy playing sand that he refused to get back to hotel room to pack up before going home.

overall, it was nice and quite spending time at bali on seclusion day, so probably you guys might consider it. the hotel price was lower than the holiday season, so you could enjoy the 5 stars hotel without bleeding money. hehehe.. as for sofitel, it was recommended.

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