Wednesday, April 16, 2014

food review: domicile

actually, i was planning to dine here on my birthday, but things went south that day, so we finally could try it last saturday. this restaurant's been a hype in surabaya, and i was kinda late to try it, but better late than never i guess.

one thing about the place: it didn't have enough parking space, or any empty lot nearby for valet parking. so i guess the owner might want to reconsider parking arrangement.

interior and decor: once you step inside, the indoor dining place has high ceiling and it feels spacious. the center island is their cake display and cashier. they also have outdoor space, or false outdoor space to be exact. the outdoor space is covered with glass and fake plants to make it cooler. they even put air conditioner out there, so i bet you won't feel hot outside. when we were there, it was near easter time, and they made special outdoor setting with easter theme so people could take picture there.

the service: you have to make reservation before going there. not like other restaurants which apply "first come first serve" principal. but they make 15 minutes tolerance for the reservation, so even though you've reserved it but when you're late more than 15 minutes, they will give up your table if someone else's coming. the waiters are okay. though those without uniform (the apprentice) are a bit slow. funny things happen here though. one of the waiter that take us to our table asked me if i was a doctor. and when i said yes, he asked me if i worked at mitra hospital. i completely had no idea who he was, but he told me at the end that he was the medical record officer. fiuh.. pretty big leap from medical record officer to waiter.

the food: lots of choices from the menu. from appetizer, side dishes, pizza, pasta, main and even lunch special. and don't forget desert. they also have a lot selection of liquor. just like la rucola. from what i see, lunch special is another name for dishes with rice. more like asian dishes. pretty weird thing is the pizza topping. they have beef sausage, which usually will be favorite since it's pretty common, but they combine it with beef carpaccio, which is raw dish, so i can't predict will it be favorite or not. i ordered their black ink seafood fettucine with cream sauce, my husband tried their baby back pork ribs. both were great choice, though the portion was a bit smaller than la rucola. but the pizza was huge. pizza was nice, with the thin crust.

overall, this is a great place to taste a new take of western cuisine, italian particularly. but they also give asian choices so for those who can't eat without rice or take their nanny with them won't have to worry. unfortunately, not to child friendly. no child menu and maybe only a few baby chair too.
black ink seafood fetuccine

baby pork back ribs

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