Thursday, April 3, 2014

food review: cut catch cucina

the name was difficult to spell, even the receptionist at the hotel only said its acronym, CCC. hahaha..
the restaurant was inside the sofitel hotel bali, so unless you were staying at the hotel and had no other options, you would probably skip this restaurant.

since we were on a budget and my husband was not too fond of western cuisine, so we decided to choose the package menu and a pizza. the package menu was a 3 course menu, minestrone soup as appetizer, beef tenderloin for main, and for dessert supposed to be bavarois, but the strawberry was unavailable, so they changed it into tiramisu. actually, after trying the desert, i was happy they changed the desert. hehehe...

appetizer: i forgot to take any picture, but even though i took the picture, all you could see was orange soup. minestrone was a tomato and lobster soup, a fancy one. but here the lobster was substited by big shrimp. at first they plated it beautifully, with the shrimp in the center and all the garnish at the side, but then the waiter poured the tomato soup and everything was covered by orange sea and nothing could be seen. the minestrone was okay, it was not too sour for a tomato soup, you could taste some saltiness, sweetness inside the soup. it was nice, but it was a hot and sunny day, so after eating the hot soup, i felt hot and sweaty.. not suitable for tropical place like bali.

main: beef tenderloin. the presentation was unique. the beef was cut like a log, and put in the center. the vegetables were arranged around it like bushes. there was some ground-like thing and my husband said it was cinnamon. the beef was tender though it was grilled well done. we asked the waiter about it and he said it was sous-vide first before they grilled it. unfortunately, i prefer beef tenderloin with lots of sauce. and sauce was the only thing that's missing from this dish.
beef tenderloin

pizza: what can i say about this pizza? though the dough was thin and a bit crusty, it was not chewy. and the sauce was nice, a bit sour and sweet, made from fresh tomato sauce. even my husband liked it. he was pretty picky for pizza.

dessert: it was a deconstructed tiramisu. it was delicious. but it needed more coffee ice cream and the crumble. other than that, it was perfect.

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